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Geelong Rendering Contractor

Geelong Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction applies a coating system that guarantees protection for your property or home. Moreover, we ensure that we provide excellent quality paint finishes and renderings. Additionally, our rendering contractor in Geelong delivers rendering solutions on time.

    Our skilled team has vast experience in the plastering and rendering sector. Because of this, our team can resolve any wall issue. As a result, we ensure complete customer satisfaction with our unique finishes. Our rendering services involve commercial projects and housing. Furthermore, we handle any sized projects.

    Additionally, we offer different rendering and plastering options. Hence we ensure that we choose the ideal service for each requirement and project. Due to this, we have earned an excellent reputation for our outstanding skills. But, more importantly, our services are affordable. Therefore, we work jointly with our clients to ensure we meet their exact needs.

    Cement rendering

    Australian Construction’s cement rendering is the most typical traditional type of rendering finish. Most house owners use it for their homes. For this rendering, we mix cement and sand. We then apply it over stone, brick or cement. 

    Furthermore, we can paint the cement rendering surface. However, we ensure we dry the surface before painting. Our team removes moisture from the rendered surface as well. The rendering contractor in Geelong provides colour rendering and textured finish rendering. With this in mind, we aim to give all our clients the style, texture and finish they want. Given this, we formulate a plan to give you the ideal cement rendering. For this reason, we use this strategy:

    • We appoint an expert to visit your premises for an inspection.
    • This professional consults with you to find out all your needs and preferences. They then give you the best quote for the rendering you have chosen.
    • We confirm the most convenient time to begin the work. In addition, we find out about any preferences or queries. We take this step after you approve our services and quote. 
    • Finally, we ensure we deliver a superior rendering. In addition, we clean the area after completing the work.

    Deadline, price and quality assurance

    Despite the type of rendering you choose, the experts at Australian Construction make sure that they deliver the ideal rendering. Also, our prices are affordable. In addition, the rendering contractor in Geelong has experience in heritage cement rendering. Because of this, we have acquired expertise in all types of rendering activities.

    Bag rendering

    Our bag rendering solution is not only affordable but also gives your wall finish the best quality. It is because we use the newest materials and techniques. Because of this, we give you the quality and texture of rendering you want. Instead of the outdated idea of rendering the plain concrete block walls, choose the bag rendering style. Our team uses the fastest and cleanest techniques. As a result, we give you the most outstanding high-quality rendering. Also, we ensure that the bag rendering service you choose gives your home a superb finish.

    Our bag rendering technique

    The customary rendering techniques use a cluttered sand-cement mixture. However, we utilise a cement-based render that gives you an earthy look. This look is popular with most homeowners. Additionally, the coating offers a surface that does not experience all kinds of issues. 

    For example, this surface does not experience efflorescence, crazing and cracks on the finished surface. We provide a bag rendering finish that ensures your home has the best surface. Because of this, painting it is easy; hence it acquires a smooth finish.


    Australian Construction has a team of experts with high experience. Therefore they deliver quality rendering work on time and within budget.  Moreover, we ensure we give you top-notch solutions. It is because we have a great passion for work. Due to this we always provide superior services. Also, we use high-quality rendering. Consequently, you achieve the surface you have always dreamt of!

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