Fast And Reliable Rendering Contractor In Gladstone

Gladstone Rendering Contractor

Gladstone Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction is famous for providing high standards of rendering services. Our rendering contractor in Gladstone is efficient and professional. We provide all types of acrylic coatings, render and lightweight cladding systems. More importantly, our key focus is on customer satisfaction. 

    Our team is highly trained and provides customised services. As a result, we offer maximum versatility and flexibility. Because of this we efficiently meet the requirements of all our clients’ projects. We deliver according to your preferences in terms of price, service and quality. Furthermore, we handle projects such as commercial and residential buildings. We cater for projects like renovations and extensions as well. Additionally, we undertake multi-unit residential projects.

    Sand and cement rendering

    We create sand and cement render by mixing lime, cement and sand onsite. After this, we apply it to a brick substrate that we screed and float. As a result, you obtain a smoother finish than acrylic rendering. The rendering contractor in Gladstone carries out painting or texture coats the sand and cement rendering. 

    We use it in the mix for tinting the cement and sand to the colour you want. The Australian Construction sand and cement rendering solutions are not only simple but also affordable. Because of this, it is a popular type of render.  Our team is highly experienced in sand and cement render. Hence we are skilled in creating the finish you want for your home. 

    Acrylic renders

    Comparatively, acrylic render is more flexible, versatile and more robust than the usual solid plastering. Our acrylic render consists of acrylic and cement bases. Moreover, we use a polymer to modify it. Because of this, it facilitates suction to the substrate. The acrylic render is flexible. For this reason, it enables movement without ugly cracks. Additionally, it is durable. Hence your home retains a lovely look for years in all weather conditions. 

    Lightweight rendered cladding

    Australian Construction also installs lightweight rendered cladding. For example, we offer foam panel, render panel, Hebel and blue board. Our lightweight cladding provides a faster, cheaper and more modern method of building. We offer lightweight cladding installations. In addition, we apply rendering and painting until completion. Hence we are a one-stop-shop. In other words, we handle it all. Moreover, our team takes great care and pride in all the aspects of the procedure. Consequently, we deliver top-quality artistry.

    Quoins & bands

    We use quoins and bands to decorate your home to enhance its character. Our quoins and bands consist of a mixture of cement and sand. The rendering contractor in Gladstone builds this mixture over bricks. We then cut it out expertly by hand, offering you the profile you need. Our designs are very flexible because we create this product onsite.

    Internal white set

    Australian Construction uses an internal white set on your customary solid brick home. It consists of a cement and sand render base. We screed and float-flat it then apply lime and strong plaster mixture. After this we skillfully trow it making it smooth and flat.


    The Australian Construction mouldings are pre-made.  We offer lightweight mouldings in various designs. For instance, we provide ultramodern and heritage. We use adhesive to apply mouldings and position them on lightweight rendered cladding like Hebel, render panels, foam or blue board. Additionally, we apply it over brickwork and sand and cement render.


    The Australian Construction team is highly skilled. Due to this, we ensure clients are happy with all the jobs. We provide free no-obligation quotes for all types of rendering services. Our company uses only the best products. Because of this, our clients have peace of mind since our products are durable. We deliver on time, so you do not need to wait for too long. In this regard, we give you a specific timeline for your project and offer quality services.

    We look forward to hearing from you about your rendering project in Gladstone!