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Launceston Rendering Contractor

Launceston Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction enhances many buildings in Launceston. In other words, we improve their energy efficiency, appearance and value. Our rendering contractor in Launceston uses acrylic renders, paints and textures. In addition, we have a comprehensive rendering service. As a result, the residents in Launceston rely on us to enhance their properties’ appearance and quality.

    We are also specialists in cement and acrylic render. Also, we offer polished finish and decorative renders. Furthermore, we offer texture paint coatings. We apply these renders to cement sheet boards, Hebel and brick. In addition, we apply renders to blue board, brick and foam cladding. Our services also include solid plastering and internal cement rendering.

    Acrylic rendering

    The rendering contractor in Launceston provides acrylic rendering. This type of rendering is the most unique and stylish method of rendering your property. For years acrylic rendering has been proven. Hence it has various benefits. Acrylic renders are high impact and flexible. Moreover, they are weather resistant. Because of this, they do not detach from the surface or crumble.

    Our premixed acrylic renders have more enhanced strength and water resistance. Therefore we can use them on various surfaces. For example, we use them on cement blocks and concrete. Moreover, we use them on AAC concrete panelling. Drying and curing acrylic renders takes only two days. Comparatively, it is much quicker than the customary render. Some of our premixed acrylics render present a smoother complexion than customary renders. Additionally, we have various acrylic bound pigmented finishing coats (designer). We apply them on acrylic render.

    Depending on the product, we can roll, trowel or sponge on. Furthermore, we can spray on a few of them. Australian Construction provides various patterns, textures and finishes. For instance, we offer sandstone, sand and lime wash. We also provide stone chips, stone or finishes that are similar to clay. In addition, we provide stipple, shining finishes. Others have high water resistance as well as antifungal properties.

    Cement rending service

    Cement rendering describes a blend of cement, lime or sand. We apply cement render to stone, cement, brick and painted walls. We apply an undercoat first. Therefore it prevents the render from falling off when we apply on to the painted walls. We use acrylic render instead of conventional cement render when we need to apply the render to painted walls.

    The Australian Construction render offers an attractive choice for rendering your home. However, the use of acrylic render materials is increasing. We have used cement for a long time, and it is an affordable option for rendering your home. Cement render is a beautiful and durable product. It conceals the faults of ageing brickwork. 

    Moreover, it forms an additional protection layer to fight erosion. The rendering contractor in Launceston uses cement render for various reasons. We use render to prolong the lifespan of your retaining walls. In addition, we utilise it to make your wall look lovely. The thickness of cement render varies. It depends on elements like the brickwork. Also, it is determined by the quantity of render we need to apply to make the wall smooth and straight. 

    Coloured rendering

    The coloured rendering refers to a render that has colour. The Coloured render is also a durable acrylic render. It provides a more natural and attractive look compared to painted finishes. You can choose the coloured acrylic render or paint as a finishing coat. We use this finishing coat on your acrylic or render project. The Australian Construction coloured acrylic renders have become popular as a painting alternative.


    The Australian Construction team has years of experience. We have worked on various rendering projects. For example, we have undertaken residential work and commercial projects. Because of this experience, we offer you top quality artistry. We also give you expert suggestions. 

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for the ideal rendering services in Launceston!