Fabulous And Fast Rendering Contractor In Mackay

Mackay Rendering Contractor

Mackay Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction is famous for delivering top quality services to clients. Moreover, our rendering contractor in Mackay is efficient. In addition, we offer expert advice in all types of render. We also provide lightweight cladding systems and acrylic coatings. More importantly, we customise our services and hence guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Our team is fully qualified and understands clients’ expectations. Therefore they meet your needs in terms of price, service and quality. Presently our team consists of various experts. Because of this, we ensure personalised services. Moreover, our services are versatile and flexible. For this reason, we are successful in meeting all our clients’ requirements.

    Render repair

    The rendering contractor in Mackay handles different types of rendering. Given this, we undertake interior and exterior repairs. Furthermore, we re-render the entire property. Over the years, Australian Construction has encountered such faults. Hence we have provided solutions for areas requiring patch repairs.

    We appreciate that it is challenging to repair surfaces to blend with the surrounding. In other words, it is hard to carry out repair work that matches the existing texture effectively. However, do you want a capable renderer who can work effectively? In that case, contact Australian Construction. Our professional team provides all the essential solutions. 

    As a result, we give you quality render repairs. Hence we provide the surface you need. Our team works hard and implements their skills. Consequently, you acquire a patch-free surface. In addition, we also help to conceal holes. We cover areas that no longer have their coating as well. In other words, we provide a uniform look.

    Our quality work

    We work within your budget. However, we do not compromise on the quality of the work and material. We also consider factors that make the render stronger and prevent cracks from forming.  In summary, we ensure the finished job is durable.

    Benefits of render repairs

    Our render repair service is affordable. Additionally, it adds value to your commercial building or house. The rendering contractor in Mackay gives you various rendering repairs. Given this, we repair large openings and small cracks. These faults are found in commercial constructions or residential buildings. Additionally, we provide render repairs to heritage buildings. So call us now for the rendering repair services below:

    • Hebel rendering
    • Concrete render repair
    • Decorative render repair
    • Colour or textured coating rendering repair
    • Acrylic render repair

    Specialised Hebel rendering

    Do you want a surface that gives you the ideal exterior? If that is the case, engage the services of Australian Construction. We have an expert team of renderers. More to this, we allow you to experiment with various finishes, textures and colours. 

    Because of this, you gain a spectacular exterior. Our Hebel rendering option helps you in protecting your investment. We also use an acrylic coating on the Hebel. Due to this, we prevent cracks from forming and getting delaminates. This procedure assures you of a durable and quality finish.

    Our Hebel rendering approach

    We have vast experience. For this reason, we ensure our work does not have any flaws. We have a certified, experienced and dedicated team of experts. Because of this, they install all the Hebel panels properly to meet your needs. More importantly, we deliver the project on time and within budget.


    Over the years, Australian Construction has worked hard to meet market demand for rendering services. We have kept up with the competition and emerged the winner! The reason is that we provide quality assurance, affordability and durable rendering. 

    Due to this, we give you the ideal coating that improves the appearance of your structure. Consequently, we provide you with quality products. So you enjoy optimal performance and thermal quality. Best of all, our rendering is environmentally friendly. Our unmatched artistry enables us to exceed your expectations.

    Please get in touch with our rendering experts for the best rendering solutions!