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Melbourne Rendering Contractor

Melbourne Rendering Contractor

    We at Australian Construction offer rendering services. If you need a Melbourne rendering contractor, we are the name to call. After many years in the construction industry, we are surprised that many people think rendering is only done for aesthetic reasons.

    Due to this, we thought it best to share with you some basic information you need to know about rendering. By the end of this tutorial, you should have a clear perspective of what this service is about and how we can make a difference at Australian Construction.

    What is a Melbourne Rendering Contractor? 

    A rendering contractor is one who applies plaster, acrylic, or cement on either the exterior or interior of a wall. It can be applied to both sides. Rendering is done to give the surface a smooth finish, but it can also be used to design the surface.

    Contrary to what many people believe, rendering is not just for aesthetic reasons. The government of Australia has stipulations on the final finish of walls. Depending on the project type, the render must have waterproof and fireproof components to protect the structure.

    Why is rendering important? 

    There are many reasons why you need to render your wall’s surface. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of rendering.

    1. Aesthetics and appearances

    Commercial buildings look different because of the rendering. While many people like the render smooth, it is not the only way to render. Over the years, it has become an art.

    Some buildings also look outdated, especially those that are really old. It is not necessary to render an old building with cement, as some that have brick walls can be rendered with a lime mix.

    On the other hand, some building owners do not like the brick façade, so they may opt for a render that is smooth. With this approach, we can hide the brick and make sure it is no longer exposed.

    2. Protection from the weather

    As mentioned earlier, rendering is not made solely for aesthetic reasons. Rendering is also done to protect the building.

    In Australia, the weather is extreme. The structure is going to tough it out with rain, heat, snow and wind. A high-quality rendering job is going to help you fight these weather conditions.

    How so? A render protects your exterior walls. They also serve as protection for fences. And not only that, they add durability to the entire surface, making the wall sturdy. Some renders are also waterproof.

    Today, rendering is not just a product of cement. There are many polymer products that you can use to render a wall, many of which also have the capability to resist fire, especially for concrete or cement rendering.

    3. Increased property value

    A property that has adequate rendering has a durable wall and a god-looking exterior and interior finish. They improve the appearance of the entire structure, and thus the overall re-sale or rental value also increases.

    The strength of the wall is important, as it assures the buyer or the tenant that the structure is dependable. Future owners and tenants will feel better and will be more than willing to shell out a good sum of money.  

    These are the three main benefits of rendering, not to mention that you will avoid getting into legal trouble if your building is non-compliant with Australia’s building codes.

    There is no standard price of rendering, as it all depends on the kind of render and the scope of the project. Just suffice it to say that the average price is about $30 to $50 per square meter.  

    How to choose the right rendering contractor

    There are so many companies that offer rendering services. As such, it is a confusing thing to make a decision. Below you will see our guidance on how to choose a rendering contractor.

    1. License

    The first thing you have to check is the license. Contractors are expected to be registered as a business and must have passed the requirements of the Australian government. We at Australian Construction are licensed. Our engineers and individual employee contractors are also licensed.

    Why is this important?

    A license is an indication that you are dealing with a legitimate company. The license is proof that the company’s business is on the line and properly trained, insured, and bonded. That last thing you want is to work with a company that runs off once the project is done, even if the project is sub-par.

    2. Reputation

    Is the rendering contractor known? Has the contractor completed many projects in the past? If they have, what is the feedback of the clients?

    These factors are crucial to your decision. We at Australian Construction have been doing this for 20 years. Our reputation precedes our name, and we have completed so many projects to count over this period.

    3. Experience

    Another factor that you have to consider is experience. Rendering is not a kind of work that is made with only one approach. It is a complicated kind of construction job as it involves the finish of the wall or surface.

    Only work with contractors who are licensed to do what they are supposed to, and contractors who have many years of experience. Contractors are dime-a-dozen. Do not make a decision based on cost, as this can prove to be more costly later. Choose one who is highly qualified like us.

    Summary: Melbourne Rendering Contractor

    Your structure needs rendering. The brick or concrete wall you have is not enough to protect your building. As you can see, there are many benefits to rendering your wall. The cost that it takes to complete this process far outweighs the benefits that you get.

    If you need a rendering contractor, give us a call. Apart from rendering, we also do other things that will complement this service such as industrial painting and surface preparation. Our licensed engineers will speak with you and discuss your project. We may also do an ocular inspection just so we can also fairly assess what needs to be done.