Outstanding Rendering Contractor In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Rendering Contractor

Port Macquarie Rendering Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer our clients the ideal render solutions. Therefore our rendering services are superior and we are proud of our work. Furthermore, our rendering contractor in Port Macquarie has vast technical skills. As a result, we give your walls or building a sturdy and lovely look.

    We aim to be the best in the industry. Therefore, we do the job right the first time. Our services are not only reliable but also affordable. We have experience in cladding, roofing and envelope systems construction. Moreover, our team is professionally trained and certified to top standards. We work using the latest technologies and use a disciplined and realistic method. 

    Quality rendering services

    The rendering contractor in Port Macquarie renders offices, warehouses and homes. Additionally, we carry out commercial and industrial sites work. Our team provides expert roofing and cladding works in various structures. For example, we provide rendering to schools, companies and hospitals

    We also serve warehouses and the entertainment sector. Given this, we use a wide variety of built-up, construction and rainscreen components. In addition out team uses related items such as ventilation and safety. Our different rendering services include:

    • Roughcast rendering service
    • Acrylic rendering
    • Smooth finish rendering
    • Polystyrene foam and herbal installation
    • Venetian plastering

    In other words, we are skilled in all types of rendering services, such as acrylic rendering. Our team has vast experience in these work areas and the specific processes that apply.

    Sponge finish rendering

    Sponge finish render is a popular kind of finish. Australian Construction provides it with various finishes and polishing. Also, we offer roughcast rendering and acrylic rendering.  In addition, we offer office and residential polish plaster finishes and many other services. The rendering contractor in Port Macquarie provides rendering services and polystyrene installation. Comparatively, this finish is rougher than plaster due to the render formation.

    But our team exploits the render and gives it a specific finish, such as a sponge finish. The finish has a sponge texture, which we achieve by sponging or mopping the hardened surface using a damp sponge.  We offer to render facilities such as remedial operations. The rendering contractor in Port Macquarie undertakes minor and major rendering. 

    Additionally, we handle projects with unique methods of rendering, plastering or finishing. Such buildings include historic structures and different commercial, industrial and manufacturing buildings.

    Concrete render finishing

    Australian Construction offers the ideal cement and concrete look render finishing services. We apply this finish over polystyrene, bricks, blue board and gyp-rock. Our concrete render involves mixing water, cement and sand. We add concrete look rendering to mortar, painted walls and stone. Do you want to render on painted walls? In that case, we suggest acrylic rendering instead of the usual concrete rendering. 

    Venetian plastering

    Australian Construction provides top-notch Venetian plastering. More importantly, our prices are affordable. We use Venetian to produce a finish and look of a polished stucco style. This type of finish is suitable for offices, homes and commercial sites.

    Acrylic rendering

    Our acrylic renders are lightweight render procedures for all substrates. For example, we use them on brickwork, blue-board and polystyrene. In addition, we utilise them on block-work and formwork. We use acrylic rendering on Hebel panels also. Our skilled team applies a couple of acrylic render coats before the last coat of texture. As a result, the acrylic render provides a lovely smooth surface. Your indoors looks fabulous, and you can use your preferred shade and colour to paint. 


    Australian Construction believes that all surfaces can be functional, lovely and unique. For this reason, we use passion, precision and care for each surface we create. For example, we provide rendering and plastering and use specialised finishes. In Port Macquarie, we are a leading rendering and plastering company. Our firm offers top quality results for our clients. Given this, we are proud of our customer relationships and committed team.

    It will be our pleasure to provide our outstanding rendering services to you!