Outstanding Rendering Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Rendering Contractor

Sunshine Coast Rendering Contractor

    For reliable rendering services talk to the experts at Australian Construction. We have years of experience in the business. Therefore our rendering contractor on the Sunshine Coasts offers high-quality services. Moreover, our services are affordable. More importantly, we use only the best materials.

    Furthermore, our team is professional and has excellent expertise. Because of this, we guarantee you optimal quality. We founded our entire business based on unsurpassed quality and fine artistry. In addition, our team provides various appealing rendering services. For example, we offer cement rendering. 

    Our quality services

    Do you want a sleek and smooth coat on your home’s exterior? Or do you wish to have a textured finish for some visual appeal? Under these circumstances, our rendering contractor on the Sunshine Coast can deliver. Additionally, our team offers painting services. Because of this, it adds the perfect finishing touch to your home when we complete the rendering.

    Australian Construction offers rendering services for commercial and residential clients. We have the resources to undertake major and minor projects. Our projects involve:

    • Shopping centres
    • Multi-resident units
    • Single-family homes and more

    Additionally, we deliver the project on time and within your budget. 

    Rendering existing & new homes

    Australian Construction is an expert in house rendering. Given this, our renderers provide interior plastering services. Moreover, we offer exterior rendering services for homes on the Sunshine Coast. Our skilled team handles new builds and extensions. Also, they carry out renovations. We have various rendering finishes you can pick from. Therefore get in touch with our friendly team today. They will organise a free site visit and present a quote.

    Repairs & renovations

    Do you wish to revamp your home? In that case, ensure that our professional team at Australian Construction renders it. Our experienced team applies render to existing and new residential homes. Moreover, we utilise render that suits various substrates. 

    For example, we render on brickwork, Hebel, blue board and polystyrene. Is your existing render chipped, cracked or damaged? In light of this our renderers have the knowledge and quality products. Therefore we ensure your home looks new once more!


    The rendering contractor on the Sunshine Coast applies render in various finishes to existing and new homes. In addition, we offer exterior and interior rendering services. As a result, your wall, ceilings and external features become more durable and classy. Do you have a new modern home or an old brick house? In that case, we ensure we coat it using premium-quality render. Because of this, it looks lovely for many years.


    We provide interior plastering services. Consequently, your home’s ceilings and walls are protected. Our professional rendering contractor on the Sunshine Coast applies Venetian plaster and render in various finishes and colours.  As a result, we enhance your interior finishes and make them more durable. Do you wish to modernise and update your home? In that case, you have come to the right place!


    It is a wise investment to add render to your home’s exterior features. Not only does the render look incredible, but it also improves durability. Additionally, it enhances weather resistance. For example, the rendering contractor on the Sunshine Coast renders:

    • Concrete near pools
    • Painted brickwork
    • Concrete steps
    • Blueboard
    • Styrofoam panels
    • Ceilings and walls
    • Blocks and bricks
    • Fences¬†


    For each rendering project, Australian Construction protects your property throughout the procedure. In this regard, our team keeps everything tidy and clean. It means that they tape and cover all the windows. Additionally, they lay out drop sheets. In other words, we do not leave any mess because we have years of experience in the industry. Due to this, you have peace of mind we will deliver a successful rendering project.

    Please call our professionals today for the best rending works on the Sunshine Coast!