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Toowoomba Rendering Contractor

Toowoomba Rendering Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we provide everything related to your house rendering. Additionally, we specialise in ‘stucco’ and solid plastering. Our rendering contractor in Toowoomba has vast experience. Because of this, we deliver quality. Moreover, we have various house rendering solutions to match your style.

    Therefore you can rely on us to provide the ideal home rendering finishes. For example, we offer cement rendering and painted finishes. Additionally, we specialise in changing existing buildings and homes. As a result, we give you a new look and have various wall coatings for your exterior or interior. In other words, our rendering services can meet all your needs.

    Quality services in Toowoomba

    Do you own a house in Toowoomba and need a committed rendering expert? Or do you wish to use rendering to restore your home‘s old bricks? In that case, the rendering contractor in Toowoomba is your answer. We provide the best rendering solutions to solve your problems. At Australian Construction, we are famous for our cost-effective acrylic rendering solutions. Given this, we serve business and residential properties.

    For years we have earned a name as a top acrylic texture coat render in Toowoomba. Furthermore, we offer top quality and unique acrylic coat generate solutions. Because of this, we are in great demand in Toowoomba. Our team uses creativity and solid experience. Additionally, they apply their expertise to all our rendering projects. More importantly, they use the latest technology. Consequently, they satisfy our clients’ requirements.

    Acrylic rendering on brickwork

    Not only is our acrylic renders on brickwork solution exclusive but also cost-effective. Our acrylic texture coat render entails using the technology to create an enhanced type of cement and sand. Then, we mix these products with additives and polymers. The result is improved durability and quality flexibility to brickworks, cement sheets, polystyrene cladding and blockwork walls. The rendering contractor in Toowoomba does not compromise on the product’s quality. For this reason, we thrive each day in our acrylic rendering services in Toowoomba.

    Cement render and Acrylic render

    Australian Construction works with various kinds of clients. For example, some of our clients prefer cement and sand render. Due to this, their walls acquire a traditional look. Meanwhile, other clients want acrylic rendering services. Consequently, their property has a trendy look. Under these circumstances, we take meticulous care to satisfy our clients. 

    As a result, we have delivered various projects in these two fields. For this reason, we have become a leader in cement and acrylic render in Toowoomba. Do you want quality rendering services but are unsure of the most suitable product? In that case, the rendering contractor in Toowoomba gives you information about cement and acrylic render:

    • People mainly believe that, comparatively, acrylic render is much more costly than cement render. However, we specialise in this sector as well. Moreover, Australian Construction adheres to a specific business strategy. As a result, we offer acrylic render as well at an affordable cost.
    • Compared to cement renders, acrylic render has more flexibility. But we have managed to satisfy our client’s interest in this area also. In light of this, we apply our honed skills. As a result, we have displayed our capability of providing durable and flexible finishes to cement render works.
    • When it comes to design, our background boasts of satisfied clients. Furthermore, these are clients who have enjoyed our cement render and acrylic render services. As a result, we provide different designs depending on their taste and provide affordable prices.


    Australian Construction offers various plastering and rendering services in Toowoomba. Our team delivers rendering projects on time. Additionally, we always maintain the highest quality standards. Therefore we offer superior finishes.

    It will be our pleasure to deliver our quality rendering services to you today, so please contact us!