Top Tier Rendering Contractor In Wollongong

Wollongong Rendering Contractor

Wollongong Rendering Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are dedicated to giving our clients top quality rendering services. Moreover, our services meet or surpass Australian Building Standards. Additionally, our rendering contractor in Wollongong has vast experience in cement rendering. We are skilled in cladding, restoration, feature mouldings and reviving all grano finishes.

    Our company offers expertise and quality. Due to this, we rank top among other rendering companies. Not only are we efficient, quick and intelligent but also reliable. For this reason, we always deliver the best outcomes. In addition, we use top quality materials that last for years.

    Coloured Rendering

    As per the name, our coloured rendering refers to bright rendering. It is also a long-lasting render. Moreover, it has a lovelier appearance than painted finishes. Do you want bright, broad and appealing coloured renders? In that case, Australian Construction can make your home shine. We offer superior coloured render that lasts longer than the best paintwork.

    Because of this, our clients are happy with the finish of our coloured renders. Coloured renders are tough. Comparatively, they are much thicker than the regular paint job. Due to this, it prevents the development of mould and fungus.

    Depending on your preference, we can use paint as your finishing coat on your cement or acrylic project. Alternatively, we use coloured acrylic renders. However, for some time, coloured acrylics have increasingly gained fame. Hence they are an innovative alternative to painting. Regardless of your choice, you can rely on our rendering contractor in Wollongong to provide quality artistry. 

    Special finishes

    We aim to give your home the appealing look you want. Because of this, it stands out from the others. Therefore, we provide the following finishes:

    Stucco finish: Stucco presents a decorative finish. We can flick on, trowel flat or spray on. Also, we use it as a ceiling coating or for coating walls. Additionally, we use it to coat concrete, brick or other materials. Not only is this material durable and rugged, but it also needs minimal maintenance.

    Bagging: Comparatively, bagging is much cheaper than rendering. Here, we smear a thin layer of mix. Hence we attain a rustic finish.

    Rendering and painting

    A fresh coat of paint brightens up your building’s interior and exterior. Additionally, our rendering and painting services allow us to analyse our building carefully. Therefore we repair any minor repairs or cracks quickly. Whether it’s at the office or home, we provide routine repair, painting and maintenance. Because of this, Australian Construction protects your structure from damage. Additionally, we keep it fully operational. As a result, it sustains even severe weather. 

    Our rendering and painting services involve: 

    • Render and plaster repairs
    • Top-quality rendering on the exterior and interior surfaces
    • Aged timber repair and treatment (oiling and painting)
    • Tile repairs
    • Tiling solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and all wet areas.
    • Exterior and interior painting
    • Colour palette and texture suggestions
    • Fully accredited and qualified painting services, colour blending and repairs.

    Australian Construction offers rendering and painting services. Moreover, we offer various professional and emergency services for commercial establishments and homes. It includes electrical repairs and plumbing. We also offer new build installations, carpentry work, etc. We have a team of different experts. Because of this, we offer our clients the flexibility to choose more than one of our services.


    At Australian Construction, we are licensed, skilled and highly qualified. Therefore we only deliver the best. Whether you are building a new home or have an existing one, we can deliver. We use top quality products hence providing the most durable finish. Rendering your property makes it a cost-effective way of modernising your home. Consequently, it makes your property have more value in case you wish to sell. For us, no job is too big or small.

    It will be our pleasure to talk to you today and give you more information about our quality rendering services!