The Expert Rock Wall Builders in Bendigo

Bendigo Rock Wall Builders

Bendigo Rock Wall Builders

    At Australian Construction, we offer the sloping properties in Bendigo various lifestyle and structural benefits. In light of this, we increase the amount of land you can use. To attain this, we level a certain area. Therefore our rock wall builders in Bendigo provide bush rock walls. They are an appealing feature in your garden landscapes. 

    As a result, your property’s look improves and increases in value. Our planter beds and low rock retaining make your home backyard more charming. Additionally, your yard has more character. It is especially so when we plant Australian natives and bright colours.

    Our competent services

    Australian Construction has vast experience in building bush rock walls. Because of this, we design and build the wall you prefer. We have a skilled structural design team. They assess various elements before starting a project. Some of the factors our team considers are:

    • Soil type
    • Foundation requirements
    • Terrain’s slope
    • Wall height
    • Client’s design preferences

    As a result, the rock wall builders in Bendigo give you a stable rock wall. Not only is this wall durable and functional, but also lovely. 

    Quality rock retaining walls

    For our natural rock retaining walls, we use river rocks and larger stones. As a result, we produce a smoother general look. To avoid your home from looking too commercial, we use natural stones, boulders and stones. Rock walls blend well near statues and water features. 

    Moreover, these walls complement other décor items found outdoors. Do you want durable protection and a natural façade? In that case, our rock retaining walls are your best option! Natural walls increase your home’s personality and value. In addition, these walls serve you for years. Therefore please work with our skilled team and enjoy a beautiful new wall that protects your home. 

    Retaining wall services

    Retaining walls are among the simplest home upgrades available. However, you should not take this task lightly. Many times homeowners do not consider engineering. Hence they only focus on the final bill.  If you do not have an efficient wall system the first time, you may experience structural issues in the future. For example, the wall may quickly crumble or crack. Moreover, the pressure may cause the wall to break.

    It is not only costly to repair but can also damage your property. Areas susceptible to flooding, pooling or erosion destroys retaining walls. Due to this, lumps of runoff litter your yards. Given this, ensure that you engage experienced contractors like Australian Construction. We not only give you quality services but they are also affordable. 

    Custom rock walls

    We provide various custom rock walls. For example, we strategically place boulders to give your landscape more definition. Also, we offer a full dry stream feature. The rock wall builders in Bendigo install custom rock accent slabs, boulders, steps and more. In other words, we turn any rock wall project into a reality. We are experienced in the following rock projects:

    • River rock splash highlights
    • Tight access walls
    • Gravel pathways
    • Mock rock wall
    • Huge rock slab steps
    • Hand placed walls
    • Dry stream landscaping
    • Landscaping and acreage rock walls
    • Custom-installed rock boulder accents
    • Rock stairs/steps

    Importance of retaining walls

    Our retaining walls are a crucial part of the landscape construction. These walls prevent soil movement on your property on varied ground levels. Retaining walls look lovely and stop gravity from destroying your landscape design as well. 

    Consequently, you avoid expensive repairs in the future. Australian Construction gives you durable, effective and wonderful looking retaining walls. We build our landscaping retaining walls using rock and boulders. In addition, we use sandstone or timber. More importantly, we work according to your requirements.


    Australian Construction provides superior rock wall and landscaping designs. We use top quality materials like porphyry, bush rock and sandstone. Moreover, we utilise bluestone and boulders for retaining walls, rock walls and acreage rock walls. Our team ensures they deliver according to your needs and preferences.

    We look forward to hearing from you today to discuss your next rock wall project!