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Brisbane Rock Wall Builders

Brisbane Rock Wall Builders

    A rock wall is not your typical wall made of concrete and then finished with rocks on the surface. A rock wall is something that ancient people built using rocks, mud, and straw. In modern times, you need Brisbane rock wall builders if this is the design that you have in mind.

    Today, rock walls mostly serve an aesthetic purpose, but this does not mean that they are not sturdy. We at Australian Construction will tell you the things you need to know about this wall, and also give you some tips on how to hire the right team to do this for you.

    Uses of Rock Walls

    Rock walls have been around for centuries. However, not all rock walls were built for the same purpose. Let us take a look at some of the different purposes to give you an idea of whether a rock all is good for your situation or not.

    • Rock disposal – once a forest is cleared, the rocks have to go somewhere. Instead of taking the rocks to another place, residents used the rocks to build a wall around the city. They also did this if they cleared forests for farming purposes.  
    • Control of rock waste – not all rocks are used to build a perimeter wall around a city. As such, they had to control the number of stones and rocks that they have to throw away. They used the rocks to sub-divide properties among citizens. The rock walls served as boundaries of properties.
    • Art and expression – on some occasions, rock walls were built mainly for aesthetic reasons. They are used as an overlay to a wall.
    • Used for dikes – when people build irrigation systems, one of the best options to create a barrier between land and water is rocks. Today, rock walls are used in dikes, docks, and dams. Those who operate man-made ponds also use rock walls.

    So far, these are the main purposes of rock walls. No matter what it is, it is still a wall, so the builder must have to keep this in mind. Rock walls are much more difficult to build than a solid concrete wall. Rock walls are piled one by one, and a slight miscalculation can result in a tilting wall. This is why you need Brisbane rock wall builders.

    How to hire Brisbane rock wall builders

    If you are sure that a rock wall is what you need or want, then you have to hire an expert. In this section, we will show you how to choose the right contractor for a project like this.

    1. Look for a local contractor

    The first thing you have to do is to look for local contractors or a contractor that serves your locality. This is important because the location of the contractor determines how fast they can start working, and whether or not they have connections as far as quarrying is concerned.

    We at Australian Construction serve Brisbane. However, we are not 100% local. We have been in the construction industry for over 20 years, and our business has thrived. As such, we serve not just Brisbane but also other cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Townsville, and many more.  

    If you are unsure, use Google and look for contractors in your area. You can also drive around and talk to construction companies. Another thing you can do is to ask your friends and family or go to Facebook groups and ask them for recommendations.

    2. Check the contractors’ capabilities

    Not all contractors specialize in the same thing. Some contractors only build houses, and some only do electrical work. Choose a contractor team that has completed rock walls in the past.

    We at Australian Construction specialize in all facets of construction. Below are a few examples:

    Experience is an important aspect of credibility in this business. What we recommend is that you choose a contractor for rock walls who have experience of at least five years. This ensures that the contractor has done several projects in the past similar to what you are looking for.

    The last thing that you want is to have your project rock wall become experimental. As mentioned earlier, a rock wall is not like a concrete wall. The rocks have to be lined up properly to prevent the wall from tilting and falling apart.

    3. Determine the cost based on averages

    After looking for contractors, make sure that you ask them for a price quote for the same project. Then, you need to check for the average cost of the price quotes they all gave you.

    From this average, you can determine which contractors are giving you a fair price. We are not saying that expensive pricing is not worth it. It all boils down to the quality of the work and materials that they will provide you.

    Once you have determined the average, you can now move on and make a final shortlist. You can select three contractors, and then decide who among them is going to give you the best value for your money.

    4. Check the legitimacy of the contractor

    The last thing, but also equally important, that you have to check is the legitimacy of the contractor you are going to hire. Only work with someone or an organization who is licensed.

    A license is issued by the government, and it is an indication that the contractor has passed the requirements of the government. This gives you an assurance that the contractor is legitimate, and that it is duly registered and recognized by the government. A license also tells you that the contractor knows the building code and that they are bound by law to comply with it.  

    Also, a licensed contractor is likely to be bonded and insured. A bond means that you are financially protected in case the contractor did not finish the job. The insurance, on the other hand, makes you free from liabilities in case an accident happens.

    Only work with a legit contractor. This ensures that they will not run away with your money, and it is proof that they are professionals in the construction industry.  

    These four steps are all critical to the success of your project. You should never hire a contractor that is not licensed. Only hire those that have a permit from the government to operate. If a contractor or individual is licensed, it only means that they understand the building code of Australia.

    Summary: Brisbane Rock Wall Builders

    Do you need a rock wall builders? Yes, you do. A wall-like this is not your typical construction project. Although the technology is old, keep in mind that modern construction workers are not always exposed to this kind of work. As such, you have to get the services of experts to do this for you.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction, and one of our engineers will speak with you. We can schedule a site visit so we can see the construction area. We will also do a spill analysis to find out if your construction site is a good place to build a rock wall. From there, we can give you a quote and we can get started with the project.