Fully Licensed Rock Wall Builders In Bunbury

Bunbury Rock Wall Builders

Bunbury Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction specialises in building rock walls. We serve commercial and residential industries in Bunbury. Furthermore, our rock wall builders in Bunbury work with you on-site throughout the process. In other words, we undertake site preparation. We also install all the necessary elements. Our company specialises in this field. Hence the project runs smoothly.

    Bluestone rock retaining walls

    Australian Construction provides bluestone rock retaining walls. These walls give you an informal look. Hence they are different from concrete sleepers. We mainly use them to preserve the earth on boundaries. 

    Meanwhile, bluestone rock presents natural colours. Therefore this type of rock is more appealing than moss rocks. Do you need landscaping for your front garden? In that case, talk to the expert rock wall builders in Bunbury. 

    Sandstone retaining

    The rock wall builders in Bunbury are skilled in constructing various rock walls. For example, we provide:

    • Custom rock walls
    • Boulder retaining walls
    • Sandstone retaining walls
    • General landscaping

    Our team appreciates that retaining walls are a crucial aspect of your landscaping work. Therefore we work to top standards and we deliver top quality services.

    Why choose a sandstone retaining wall?

    We use retaining walls for constructing the garden wall. It is an area where the soil should be at varying levels on the wall’s two sides. In other words, the retaining wall controls the soil on a slope. Otherwise, the soil would erode and hence wear away fast.

    Our retaining walls are best for steep vertical land. Additionally, they are ideal for areas close to vertical sloping land. We offer durable retaining walls. Moreover, they are lovely and unique as well as practical and functional. They are water absorbent. Hence they facilitate drainage when necessary.

    Advantages of sandstone

    Australian Construction uses top-quality sandstone. We source sandstone from leading Australian quarries. Our quality bricks and boulders are ideal for creating top stonewalls for the Bunbury home. The various benefits include:

    • An ageless and classic look.
    • They are appropriate for all kinds of gardens. For example, they suit large, small, traditional or modern gardens.
    • We use sandstone bricks or blocks in various areas of the garden. For instance, we use them on paving, feature walls and tiles. Our company also uses this product on sandstone steps. As a result, these feature matches your outdoor area making it look lovely.
    • Sandstone is remarkably porous. Hence it stores huge quantities of water if need be. Hence it is ideal for drainage purposes.
    • Australian Construction offers various shades and colours of sandstone.

    Types of sandstone

    We provide unique and stylish sandstone. Furthermore, it has an elegant feel and looks. For this reason, it suits traditional and modern home landscapes. So we use it in country, suburban and city gardens. The results are stunning! Australian Construction provides it in different sizes and shapes and meets your design preference. We offer it in bricks and boulders.

    A-grade sandstone

    Our quality and unique premium sandstone make your outdoor area lovelier and more valuable. Our team wheel-saws the stones and cuts them on five sides. The A-grade sandstone bricks are of superior quality. They present a sophisticated product. Because of this, your home increases in value.

    B premium sandstone

    Like A-grade sandstone, we cut this sandstone on five sides. However, its quality and length are different. 

    Random sandstone

    Our random sandstone presents a natural finish. Comparatively, it has a more old fashioned look than other types of sandstone. Also, compared to A & B-grade sandstone, it is more informal. We cut the stone into different lengths and sizes. Because of this, we attain an uneven and innovative look.


    Australian Construction provides the best retaining walls in Bunbury. We have different types of rock retaining walls. Our products control and hold the soil. As a result, it stops it from eroding or sliding. As mentioned earlier, our retaining walls are practical. But they also give your property an attractive look!

    We have something for everyone so please call us for more information!