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Bundaberg Rock Wall Builders

Bundaberg Rock Wall Builders

    At Australian Construction, we are experts in constructing boulders and rock. Moreover, we custom-design rock walls. The rock wall builders in Bundaberg work with bush, sandstone or porphyry rock. Furthermore, we have delivered various commercial and residential projects.

    We handle the entire procedure, from start to finish. First, we provide a free quotation. Second, we create a design and third, we seek Council approval.  With us, you have the guarantee that we will provide hassle-free services. Consequently, we meet all your needs. 

    Rock walls

    The rock wall builders in Bundaberg are experts. Hence our team is familiar with all kinds of available retaining wall rocks and resources. For example, we are knowledgeable about cemented as well as non-cemented options. Quarry rocks present a limitless resource. Because of this, the stones you choose for your home are unique!

    Therefore we work hard to turn your retaining wall into an exclusive feature in your home. Australian Construction has worked with local quarries for years. For this reason, we access the loveliest blocks, stones and rocks. 

    Despite the style or design you prefer, we ensure we deliver. In other words, we provide the best colour and rocks size. As a result, the product matches your aesthetic. Best of all our prices are competitive and reasonable. 

    Retaining wall sizes

    We have various shapes and sizes for your retaining walls. Our experts give you helpful suggestions. Therefore you choose the appropriate rock materials for your exterior landscaping needs. We offer materials in the following sizes:

    One-man & half-man retaining walls

    Do you want a smaller retaining wall? Under these circumstances, we use one-person and half-man rocks. These rocks are mainly shorter than 4ft. The rock wall builders in Bundaberg primarily utilise one-person rocks for the foundation. Meanwhile, we use smaller rocks for extra layers. One-person and half-man retaining walls need additional labour. Because of this, the price is higher.

    Two-person rock & three-person rock retaining walls

    For retaining walls, we use the bigger sizes of these materials. During building, heavy machinery is not necessary. However, it reduces labour. Because of the size, this kind of rock wall is cost-effective. Moreover, the bigger size is ideal because it supports established plants like cedar trees.


    Australian Construction provides boulders in different sizes and shapes. This material is not typical for retaining walls. Instead, we use boulders for your home or property, depending on the circumstances. We ensure we use boulders properly.  Therefore your outdoor areas acquire a stunning addition.

    Installing retaining walls 

    If your retaining wall is not installed correctly, they do not last long. Our team consists of qualified and experienced experts. Given this, they comprehend the varied kinds of available rocks. They also understand how the rocks fit together. 

    Hence they ensure they give you a strong retaining wall. Australian Construction hires a skilled team. Due to this, we stand out from the competition. We provide retaining walls in Bundaberg that last for years. 

    Our team chooses your retaining wall placement using a purposeful plan. Hence it ensures success. We have certified professionals. Therefore they utilise your property’s information to pick the ideal rock retaining wall placement for you.


    Australian Company uses top quality grades of materials. For example, we use superior granite and bush rock for constructing all our rock walls and boulders. As a result, you have peace of mind that our walls are durable. After all, we use only top quality materials like sandstone. 

    We work directly with reliable suppliers. In light of this, we choose superior quality materials. For this reason, our retaining and boulder walls are functional and appealing. 

    For the ideal rock walls in Bundaberg, talk to our skilled team today!