Professional Rock Wall Builders In Cairns

Cairns Rock Wall Builders

Cairns Rock Wall Builders

    Do you want a quality retaining wall in Cairns? In that case, you need a company that works fast like Australian Construction! We have all the necessary experience and equipment. As a result, we deliver quality services. Moreover, our rock wall builders in Cairns do not take shortcuts. In other words, we follow the correct procedure for constructing a retaining wall.

    Our team ensures they implement the correct backfills and drainage. Because of this, the retaining wall is durable. Our competent team gives you honest advice. At the same time, they listen to your concepts and needs. More importantly, we use the best material. 

    Different quality services

    The Australian Construction team gives you friendly and expert advice throughout the process.  We work jointly with you from the initial consultation to the completion of your retaining wall. We have the machinery and team. 

    So, we build all kinds of retaining walls to meet your needs. Do you have a small landscaped garden wall? Or do you have a significant structural retaining wall for securing your property? Notwithstanding, we can deliver! We build different retaining walls.

    Rock retaining walls

    The Australian Construction rock retaining wall offers the best alternative to concrete or timber retaining walls. Like concrete, it is durable. Meanwhile, it provides the natural look of timber. But please note it is essential to install this retaining wall properly. Otherwise, it is likely to erode or collapse. We have built numerous rock retaining walls and prioritise safety and quality. So, we use great care when constructing all rock retaining walls. We carefully design, plan and execute each task.

    Features of our rock retaining wall

    Natural aesthetics: Each boulder or rock is unique. So the rocks have different colours, shapes and sizes. Consequently, it matches perfectly with the natural surrounding.

    Wide variety: Australian Construction provides different shapes and sizes of boulders. Therefore you have something that suits your design. 

    Sturdy and exceptionally durable: The rock wall builders in Cairns carry out suitable installation and maintenance of your wall. As a result, your rock retaining wall lasts for years. 

    High-quality materials & construction

    For us, the quality of services or materials is paramount. Hence they implement this concept when constructing your rock retaining wall. Because of this, we are Cairn’s most reliable rock wall builders! So, please get in touch with us today.

    Bluestone walls

    We provide bluestone, which is a natural volcanic rock. This rock has deep and rich colours. For example, we offer blacks, blues and greys. Bluestone is also known as basalt. This material is readily available. Because of this, it has been a popular building material for years. 

    Not only does this material look attractive, but also presents a unique character. Bluestone has a natural look and is durable. Therefore it is a favourite choice of construction material. The Australian Construction bluestone has a lovely fine-grained texture. 

    Moreover, we provide different colours. Hence they are suitable for all kinds of architectural décor and design. All our bluestone walls are unique. They all have personal warmth and character. Due to this, bluestone walls are an appealing choice for landscapers. Builders and renovators like this material as well.


    Australian Construction has specialised in rock wall building for years in Cairns. In light of this, we are famous for building great rock walls. As a result, they suit all the needs. We are qualified landscapers. Hence we have a unique touch regarding constructing rock walls. 

    Furthermore, our team is skilled in handling extensive earthmoving equipment. Do you have a challenging project or steep block? In that case, we have you covered. We will give you a rock wall service that suits your needs.

    It will be our pleasure to handle your rock wall project; so do not hesitate to get in touch with us now!