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Canberra Rock Wall Builders

Canberra Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction provides retaining wall services. We offer and construct all kinds of wall building as well as repair jobs. Our rock wall builders in Canberra provide visually pleasing rock walls. Moreover, our rock walls are structurally sound. 

    We use stones like bluestone, sandstone or Wee Jasper stone to construct our rock walls. Our stone walls and rock walls are sturdy and durable.  We provide all types of rock finishes and styles. For example, we offer sandstone and bluestone. We also have dry-stacked walls and engineered walls. In addition, we offer excavation rock for your mortared walls.

    Quality Retaining walls

    Our retaining walls are essential because they ensure your buildings and landscaping is stable on sloping land. Retaining walls should be sturdy and functional. However, customised natural stone walls add aesthetic uniqueness and value to your property or home. The rock wall builders in Canberra have vast experience in building retaining walls. Therefore tell us what function and look you prefer and we will deliver!

    Stone retaining walls

    Do you want to maintain your property or home’s integrity? In that case, retaining walls are necessary. They not only maintain a specific area’s stability but also prevent soil erosion. We build retaining walls efficiently. 

    Because of this, they are appropriate for areas susceptible to bushfires. Also, these walls can sustain loads and are not affected by heavy pot plants or foot traffic. Furthermore, these walls help with managing stormwater. More importantly, they need minimal or no maintenance.

    Australian Construction retaining walls increase your land’s usable area. In other words, these walls enable you to terrace and split a sloping landscape. So it increases the functional and level area. Due to this, you can use it as seating, gardens, outdoor living spaces or accent features. Our natural hand-cut stone enables the creating of curving retaining walls. The walls match the land layout. It also tempers the appearance of a plain square plot. Additionally, the Australian Construction retaining walls decrease water run-off.

    The essential rainwater soaks into your garden and does not go to waste on stormwater drains. Water retention is vital because it protects shared water systems from dangerous quantities of introduced nutrients. They arise from nearby surroundings from garden pesticides.

    Rock retaining wall and stone walls ideas

    You may be constructing a new home. Or perhaps you already have a landscaped area you wish to finish. In that case, you need to construct a retaining wall. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction is here to assist. We have other options other than a timber retaining wall or concrete sleeper retaining walls. These two types of walls are great. However, if you want a rustic style landscaped space, we can provide a rock retaining wall. Stone walls provide a natural landscaped look. These walls are especially great if you want to landscape the space near the stone wall. In this regard, the rock wall builders in Canberra can give you exceptional outcomes.

    Advantages of a stone wall

    All types of stone or rock walls have numerous benefits. These walls are strong and durable. Since they are rocks, they withstand the test of time. Comparatively, they resist the elements than most materials. In addition, they give you a natural look, as mentioned earlier. Larger rocks present a strong base structure. Our gabion wall builders in Canberra build them correctly. As a result, they do not collapse. Our rock retaining walls blend well with your landscaped area. 


    Do you wish to have a retaining wall? If so, you need a company like Australian Construction that will build the wall correctly.  Our walls stand the test of time because we avoid shortcuts. Moreover, our skilled team gives you the correct suggestions. We also listen to you to find out your preferences. Our company uses only the best materials to build, and we provide expert and friendly services. 

    Please talk to us today about the best rock wall building solutions in Canberra!