Top-Rated Rock Wall Builders On The Central Coast

Central Coast Rock Wall Builders

Central Coast Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction has years of experience as a rock retaining wall company. We provide high-quality rock walls. Moreover, our rock wall builders on the Central Coast are skilled and highly qualified. Our experience spans many years in the excavation and rock wall sector. Because of this, we give you guidance and quality advice throughout the whole procedure. In other words, we work with you from the design stage to the completion of the project.

    Our artistry is guaranteed! Because of this, most of our clients are referrals from previous satisfied clients.  We use the top level of expertise. Due to this, the Australian Construction rock walls surpass your expectations.  Furthermore, we only use top-quality sandstone for our retaining walls. So, you gain complete satisfaction with our end products. More importantly, you acquire a durable retaining wall.

    Rock retaining walls and rock walls

    Do you wish to make your landscape more elegant and colourful? In that case, our rock wall builders on the Central Coast design and construct your rock walls! Additionally, we offer various rocks you can pick from. 

    For example, we provide granite rock, mudstone rock and cold stream rock. Moreover, we offer basalt rock and more. Our team of professional rock wall builders produces a precision-built and lovely looking rock. In addition, this rock wall is sturdy and durable. The location, size or difficulty is not a problem for us. We design each of our retaining rock walls to retain water and soil. Because of this, the wall supports the land. Hence it prevents erosion.

    The rock wall builders on the Central Coast specialises in retaining rock walls, stone rock walls and rock steps. We are also skilled in other rock features. In other words, we deliver quality services at affordable rates.

    Not only do we design and build new rock walls, but we also offer professional excavation and earthworks. It includes removing existing walls and clearing the site. We also undertake levelling. Our team also prepares your garden for the finishing touches. Our rock walls have a lovely natural feel and look. Moreover, they make your garden and home more classy and stylish.

    Rock boulder walls

    We build durable rock boulder retaining walls. These walls have natural drainage, and are suitable for:

    • Residential retaining walls
    • Commercial retaining walls
    • Retaining walls for rivers, ponds and lakes
    • Garden landscaping structural walls
    • Pool landscaping wall
    • Water feature wall

    Australian Construction supplies and installs retaining walls featuring a height of between 2-7meters.

    Bush rock walls

    Our bush rocks provide a natural-looking material. The skilled team at Australian Construction expertly builds them. As a result, we offer lovely looking retaining walls. Due to this, we attain natural-looking bush rocks. Therefore most homeowners prefer this product.

    Tropical gardens

    The rock wall builders on the Central Coast also install tropical gardens together with your rock wall. We begin with organic garden soil. After this, we pick the plants you prefer. Finally, we install the gardens as well as mulch and an automated irrigation system. We have an experienced horticulturist who works with you from start to finish. As a result, you obtain an expertly laid out attractive tropical garden. Moreover, it matches your rock wall.

    Rock steps & staircases

    We provide rock steps and staircases that complement your rock wall. They naturally integrate staircase functionality. At the same time, the wall’s look is maintained.


    Australian Construction has years of experience in rock wall building. Given this, we specialise in random boulder and saw cut construction. We provide quality services at cost-effective prices. In addition, we source top quality materials in the industry. 

    Please call us today for quality rock wall building on the Central Coast!