Professional Rock Wall Builders In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Rock Wall Builders

Coffs Harbour Rock Wall Builders

    At Australian Construction, we are skilled rock wall builders in Coffs Harbour. Therefore, our team has excellent experience in building rock retaining walls.  In other words, rock retaining walls are the basis of our landscaping business.  Additionally, we have experience in the block, concrete and timber retaining walls.  However, our specialist material is solid stone.  Our stone comes from the local quarries, which offer various remarkable rocks.  The rock is split and cut to the specifications we want.

    Our local quarries supply granite, basalt, sandstone, bluestone and slate.  There are several reasons why landscape retaining walls are famous all over Coffs Harbour.  Firstly they are remarkably durable and lovely in appearance.  Secondly, the area has various sloping blocks.  Thirdly a retaining wall improves the appeal and value of your retaining wall significantly.

    Advantages of rock retaining walls

    Stone landscape walls offer durable and visually attractive structures to your property.  Mainly we use rock or stone walls to:

    • Create storm water drainage
    • Include functional terracing to sloped areas
    • Add privacy and visual interest
    • Stabilise embankments
    • Stop erosion on steep blocks

    The rock wall builders at Coffs Harbour offer various stone landscaping wall solutions.  More importantly, our solutions suit different budgets, sizes and shapes, and we work with property developers, builders and local councils.  Our services include complete landscape wall services.  For example, we plan, design and construct retaining walls using different stones.

    Quality services from Australian Construction

    We are the leading landscapers in Coffs Harbour.  Our competent team offers various landscaping services, but mainly with structural landscaping.  For instance, we handle planning, drainage, block, stone and timber retaining walls.  In addition, we provide paths and driveways, concrete and excavations works, and we have years of experience in the landscaping sector. 

    Because of this, we offer unsurpassed value, skills and know-how.  Landscaping work that you believe to be difficult, such as sites that are hard to access or steep slopes is our main business!  After all, we have the equipment and expertise to handle commercial projects.  Also, our workforce has essential skills.

    Main reasons to work with us

    1.  Experience

    Because our rock wall builders have vast landscaping experience, our skills and knowledge are unrivalled.  We are professional landscapers, and because of this, we apply enthusiasm and passion to each project.  We update you on all stages of the project.  Therefore you can relax and watch us transform your property!

    2.  Specialist knowledge

    Landscaping involves a blend of horticulture, building, construction and design.  The rock wall builders in Coffs Harbour combine these skills perfectly.  Due to this, we give you brilliant landscaping services throughout this area.

    3.  Adding value

    Australian Construction is flexible, and we work with large and small budgets.  We are happy to offer superior outcomes on a budget all the time.

    4.  Rock retaining wall specialists

    We have become famous for offering exceptional structural rock retaining walls.  This skill combines architectural planning, concrete works and stone masonry.

    5.  Insured, licensed and safe

    We appreciate that our workers, clients, and public’s safety is paramount.  Due to this, at all times, we work to WH&S regulations.  Also, we follow the newest guidelines.  Furthermore, our entire staff is fully licensed. In addition, they have all the essential tickets to safely finish their work.  We also have extensive insurances.  If you want, we can provide copies of our certificates at any time.

    Description of a rock retaining wall

    For this retaining wall, we use rocks or boulders.  We place them strategically to form a barrier that holds a soil bank in place.  Australian Construction uses the following materials for rock retaining walls:

    Do you have a timber or concrete block retaining wall and want something different?  A rock or boulder retaining wall is ideal if you wish to have a natural, rustic aesthetic.  Rock walls are incredibly durable.  Furthermore, they are resistant to erosion or weathering. 

    Additionally, the weight of the boulders or rocks enables them to retain significant quantities of soil in place.  However, we appreciate that it is essential to construct a stone retaining wall properly.  As a result, it prevents it from collapsing or getting washed away by erosion.  Huge boulders create a functional and attractive retaining wall.

    Advantages of retaining wall rocks

    Why is a boulder or rock retaining wall a great option?

    • Boulder walls need little or no specific footings.
    • These walls control erosion successfully.
    • They drain effectively; hence do not have the issue of water accumulating behind the wall.  It is a prevalent problem with other kinds of retaining walls.
    • Rock retaining walls are durable.

    We use rock retaining walls for many purposes, for example, creating a feature wall or garden bed.

    • The rock wall builders in Coffs Harbour offer competitive prices. It depends on the boulders you choose.
    • Big retaining walls are more efficient in holding the soil bank steady and preventing erosion.

    Building a rock retaining wall

    The boulders are heavy. Due to this, we advise you to allow a builder like Australian Construction to build it for you skillfully.

    Step 1

    We calculate the rock retaining wall’s perimeter and use a string to mark it.  It ensures we remain on target.

    Step 2

    Our team digs the footing where the retaining wall rocks will go to a minimum of 20cm.  As we proceed, we ensure that it is level.

    Step 3

    The rock wall builder compacts the soil and evenly spreads coarse gravel over the footing, and smoothens the surface.

    Step 4

    We place the initial row of retaining boulders or rocks. We then rotate them to get your desired look.  Also, we ensure the top remains flat.

    Step 5

    Our team places the second layer, leaning back towards the bank.  They keep building the layers and continue this slope.

    Step 6

    Finally, we use course soil and stone to backfill the rock retaining wall.


    Australian Construction builds stone features all over Coffs Habour.  Do you want to learn more about our rock retaining wall services?  In that case, please call us today.

    It will be our pleasure to give you suggestions and ideas on starting!