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Gladstone Rock Wall Builders

Gladstone Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction specialises in rock retaining walls. In this regard, we offer all kinds of stones. We have the essential skills and experience, and due to this, we are capable. Our rock wall builders in Gladstone provide top quality standards as a result. 

    Our rock retaining walls provide beautiful solutions for using sloping areas. These also offer more useable land and manage water runoff also. Stone retaining walls enhance backyard, garden, business and home aesthetics. Our retaining walls are elegant, top quality and stylish.


    Do you want to include a new decorative layout or design in your yard? In that case, we can incorporate new features into your front yard landscape. The Australian Construction rock walls are affordable, and they make your old yard look new. Our team considers some factors when building a stonewall in your yard. For instance, we take into account the materials we use. The reason is that the quality and prices of these materials are different.

    The rock wall builders in Gladstone ensure they construct stonewalls properly; hence these walls are durable. Our competent team delivers according to your requirements. In addition, our team provides quality work. 

    Australian Construction sources the best materials, which guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our company prioritises quality, and for this reason, our staff is highly trained. Consequently, they implement the latest methods and, for this reason, deliver quality artistry that matches your needs.

    Stonewalls help in shaping the feel and look of your landscaping. Rocks are naturally appealing, and due to this, they are popular with landscaping fans and homeowners. 

    Dry laid rocks

    Our dry-laid rocks are usually simpler to maintain. The reason is that we can fix severe damage to the wall by replacing the stones. Alternatively, we rebuild the faulty part. We stack them on top of each other without using adhesive support. Therefore we choose rocks whose surfaces are flat, that is, rectangular or square shapes. We can use flat, circular stones. Comparatively, dry-laid rock walls are mainly cheaper than mortared rock because we use fewer materials.

    Choosing a rock type

    Australian Construction provides various popular types of stones. We use them to create mortared, and dry laid walls. Our range includes:

    • Concrete blocks
    • Fieldstone
    • Granite
    • Sandstone
    • Limestone 

    Picking a stone type depends on your present or future landscape design. We also consider your budget and personal preference. Our range includes different sizes and colours, and our custom stone and rockwork makes your home unique.

    Granite is famous, and we offer granite variations or substitutes in various colours. The shades are different, although the primary colours are grey, pink and white. These rocks are moderately prominent, and when we stack them, they look lovely.

    Do you want a particular shape? In that case, sandstone is an attractive choice. Cutting it is simple, and because of this, it is ideal for mortar and dry-laid walls. We can shape and cut limestone to suit your needs, and hence it has similarities to sandstone. Usually, the colours range from grey, tan and white. It is ideal for mortar and dry laid walls as well as veneers.

    Comparatively, fieldstone has a slightly different shape than the other selections we mentioned earlier. Mainly it is more circular. We source this type of rock locally. Therefore it may be scarce. However, the price is lower compared to the imported rock types. 


    The Australian Construction team gives you suggestions to help you determine the rock size and shape for your property. Our reclaimed stone is ideal for an old-fashioned look. You can also use weathered rocks. For a strong stone, we use more enormous rocks.

    Please talk to us today for great looking rock walls in Gladstone!