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Hervey Bay Rock Wall Builders

Hervey Bay Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction builds quality rock retaining walls. Our team is dedicated and delivers superior products. The rock walls are strong; hence we have repeat clients. Our rock wall builders in Hervey Bay pay great attention to detail. 

    Additionally, we deliver top quality services. We only use the best rocks and as a result, we provide durable and lovely walls. Our team has vast experience in constructing rock retaining walls. Due to this, our walls portray our dedication to delivering superior rock walls.

    Importance of retaining walls

    Retaining walls make your property look lovely. Not only does our yard look wonderful, but it also adds function to your property. Retaining walls enable you to partition your property. In light of this, you create essential areas like sports fields, playgrounds and gardens. Additionally, you create parking areas. Do you want an expertly designed retaining wall? Please utilise the services of a professional firm like Australian Construction in that case. 

    Designing and installing retaining walls

    We install retaining wall features. Our team considers numerous factors to determine what kind of retaining wall we should construct. Our services are available for your residential and commercial landscape projects.

    Landscape or garden retaining offers a helpful solution to specific areas for residential or commercial landscape projects. In light of this, we have numerous products to pick from.  Our popular products for retaining walls include:

    • Rock 
    • Stone
    • Sandstone

    The rock wall builders in Hervey Bay use natural stone to build residential or commercial landscaping projects. This product provides a natural feel and look. Additionally, it is elegant and subtle. Also, it is available in different textures, shapes and colours. 

    Our skilled team uses an interlocking construction technique. As a result, the garden beds and edges complement the backdrop of the finished feature wall. It would be best for you to work with the Australian Construction experts since careful consideration is necessary when planning your retaining wall. 

    In this regard, we consider the foundations and applicable council permits. The purpose and size of the retaining wall determine the permits needed. Do you want a boulder retaining wall? In that case, we suggest blue rock and granite. Cut sandstone is also suitable. As a result, your residential or commercial landscaping looks natural. We offer the following types of retaining walls:

    • Crib walls
    • Block retaining walls
    • Boulder walls
    • Blue rock retaining walls
    • Bush rock retaining walls
    • Concrete retaining walls
    • Brick retaining walls
    • Stone retaining walls
    • Timber retaining walls
    • Quarry rock walls 

    Our retaining walls give a sloped area a levelling, terracing or retaining function. Additionally, it supports specific driveways, patios and garden areas. For a restricted landscape space, a retaining wall is essential for your landscaping project. A retaining wall provides a wonderful visual effect. 

    In addition, it enhances numerous landscape factors. For example, it improves paving, plants, lawn space and mulching. Furthermore, we use native stone to give you a fresh and appealing look. At Australian Construction, we are professional landscape designers. 

    We skillfully design and build retaining walls for commercial or residential landscaping. In other words, we carefully consider elements like soil content, slope, length and height. Moreover, we ensure the foundations are strong. 


    The Australian Construction sandstone is natural, and each rock has a different colour. Do you want the rock colour to match your retaining wall? In that case, let us know, and we will meet your needs. A-grade sandstone is a natural product. Because of this, the incidence of imperfections, fractures and blemishes is reduced.


    Australian Construction is pleased to share our vast experience. Our team delivers customised services. Moreover, we work closely with all our clients. As a result, we design and build rock retaining walls that meet your taste. We also deliver according to your budget, taste and goals. In other words, we give you suitable suggestions.

    It will be our pleasure to deliver our great services to you, so please contact us today!