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Hobart Rock Wall Builders

Hobart Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction is an expert in installing, repairing and maintaining retaining walls. Furthermore, we are experienced in constructing rock walls. Our rock wall builders in Hobart handle different project specifications. Do you need a rock wall retaining wall? We can deliver, so please talk to us!

    Our retaining walls make your property attractive and your property increases in value. It is beneficial in case you want to sell your property today or in the future. Our team consists of skilled rock wall builders. In other words, they are specialists in providing ideal retaining wall installations.  We use quality assured wall materials. For this reason, we meet all your needs quickly.

    Our quality services

    We discuss your available options. Hence we ensure we use the appropriate materials for your project. Consequently, you are satisfied with the look and functionality of your latest retaining walls. Most of our clients discover that their new retaining wall complements their paving. You can be one of them!

    Rock walls and boulder walls 

    Our rock wall builders in Hobart have years of experience in rock retaining wall projects. We specialise in:

    • Timber and concrete sleepers
    • Different kinds of dimensional, hand-placed stone pitching and stone.
    • Masonry such as Vera bloc, block, garden stone and link block.

    Australian Construction handles all your retaining needs. After all, we are experienced and capable. Moreover, we have the necessary skills. Because of this, we give you top quality products.  Our rock walls retaining walls are lovely solutions for sloping areas.

    They provide more functional land and manage water runoff. Additionally, these walls stop erosion. Our rock walls enhance your business or home aesthetics. We provide rock wall products that make your backyard and garden more appealing as well. The rock wall builders in Hobart offer stylish pieces of engineering. Additionally, these walls are sophisticated and of good quality. Because of this, the value of your property increases. For our team, no project is too small or big. 

    Boulder walls

    The Australian Construction boulder specialists work with commercial clients. We also work with residential clients. In addition, we handle different budgets, deadlines and materials. All the projects differ, and we meet various requests and needs. Our company has significant experience and we expertly work in tight and challenging areas.  We prioritise health and safety. Our team is well trained; hence they work in areas others are unable to handle.

    Retaining walls present structural features. Therefore, we build them efficiently. Due to this, they last for years and follow building standards. We handle all the certification and legal procedures. So, our clients enjoy a hassle and paper-free experience.

    Many times walls are self-assessable to council standards and guidelines. Our team acknowledges this point and hence adheres to these directives. Do you need approval or certification? In that case, we have various qualified and reliable consultants available. 

    In light of this, they ensure we work according to the appropriate standard. We handle the whole procedure and paperwork. Therefore you can have peace of mind and leave the work to us! You may want a retaining wall to add appeal to your structure. Or perhaps you wish to stop soil erosion or prevent your plant pots from spiralling down a hill. Under these circumstances, we give you the service and look you want. 


    Australian Construction works with different materials and finishes. Given this, we meet your budget and tastes. We provide a natural stone look. Also, we provide unfinished concrete for an industrial feel. In other words, we deliver to your preferences. 

    So talk to us today for an awesome rock wall retaining wall in Hobart!