Outstanding Rock Wall Builders In Wollongong

Wollongong Rock Wall Builders

Wollongong Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction specialises in creating sleek outdoor living areas. As a result, your home’s beauty and value are enhanced. More importantly, our rock wall builders in Wollongong build lovely yard designs. We blend our rock features and rock retaining walls with our unique landscaping designs. 

    Our main aim is to give our clients optimum satisfaction with the end product. For this reason, we pay special attention to each project. We not only make your property beautiful but also enhance its value. Consequently, your property makes your entire neighbourhood appealing!

    Natural rock retaining walls

    Their remarkable appeal

    Natural rock walls have existed for years. Furthermore, these walls are still popular as an option for private gardens. Moreover, rock walls are famous in Australia for commercial installations. These rocks are not only durable but maintenance-free. More importantly, they are unique. The rock wall builders in Wollongong provide handy rock retaining walls. In addition, these walls are friendly to the environment.

    Do you want a rock retaining wall to define your terraced lawn? Or do you long for a rock wall that provides a retaining wall by carefully placing big boulders or rocks? Under these circumstances, we provide a lovely well-built rock wall. As a result, it enhances the rock wall’s natural surroundings.

    Rock retaining walls for commercial properties

    Australian Construction mainly uses rocks for industrial or commercial installations. Given this, we use them efficiently in subdivisions on a large piece of land. It is an area that needs an engineered rock retaining wall. We also use rock walls near lakes or waterways. As a result, it holds banks.

    Residential rock retaining walls

    When a qualified expert like Australian Construction installs your stone retaining wall, the result is outstanding. In light of this, our structural engineers skillfully handle big rocks and boulders. Additionally, we provide excavating equipment to place the rocks. 

    The rock wall builders we have in Wollongong are experienced. Because of this, we meet all your visual and structural needs. So please talk to one of our skilled tradesmen. They will be glad to offer you a free no-obligation quote.

    In Australia, we mainly use the following types of rock for rock retaining walls:

    • Porphyry rock
    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Basalt/bluestone
    • Bush rock
    • Sandstone

    We design rock retaining walls depending on their purpose. Additionally, we consider the type of soil where we will build it. For example, we can build it on dirt, clay, gravel or sand. Rock walls are heavy walls that rely on gravity to keep them steady. For this reason, we use large rocks to place the first layer. 

    Bluestone rock retaining walls

    Do you wish to have a more formal option for retaining the front area of your garden? In that case, the rock wall builders in Wollongong include some contrasting pebbles. Consequently, you have a breathtaking retaining solution. Also, the retaining wall looks lovely for years and is durable.

    Moss rock retaining walls

    You might want to have a retaining wall in a large area. For this purpose, we use moss rock retaining walls. These rocks are not only wide and high but also affordable. Our moss rocks are available in various sizes. Therefore they are best for an informal landscape design. Usually, we use it across a property’s rear. To this end, we retain a big ‘cut’ to a slanting block.


    Australian Construction expertly designs rock walls to enhance your garden. Our team has built various rock walls on flat ground. As a result, it creates raised beds and garden features for planting. Our competent team ensures they give you a special product for your garden—also, we advise on any ideas you have for rock walls.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for the best rock wall solutions in Wollongong!