Trusting And Reliable Rock Wall Builders In Launceston

Launceston Rock Wall Builders

Launceston Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction has built retaining walls for years. As a result, we have vast experience. Because of this, our rock wall builders in Launceston are a leader in the industry. Our team consists of industry experts. Additionally, we have top-notch equipment. 

    Therefore we provide superior quality wall projects of any complexity and size. We use the best materials on the market. Our vast experience gives you peace of mind. Moreover, we provide affordable solutions. We have a fleet of top industry equipment. More importantly, we maintain and service this equipment regularly. Therefore we are always prepared and ready for your project!

    Rock retaining walls

    We mainly use rock retaining walls in yards and gardens. Usually, these rock retaining walls have aesthetic benefits. However, Australian Construction provides various retaining solid walls. We use them for heavier duty purposes. 

    Mostly natural rock retaining walls use rocks near or on the property where we will build the wall. But we can use stones from different locations. Alternatively, the rock wall builders in Launceston create artificial rock walls from prefabricated stones.

    In this case, we cut them to similar sizes. Consequently, we create a structure that looks uniform. But we can use other materials cast to resemble rock. We provide natural rock retaining walls. Therefore you attain an appealing addition to your garden or yard.

    Our team uses pre-cut stones that are in the exact sizes. Given this, the wall we build is not only uniform but also sturdy and attractive. Different wall designs serve various purposes. Due to this, we make them according to a particular procedure. Hence it prevents the wall from giving way beneath the earth weight it supports. Additionally, drainage presents an issue.

    For this reason, our team follows specific steps. It ensures water does not accumulate behind the wall leading to wall failure. Our rock walls support the weight. So we mainly build them at an angle. Hence it facilitates some soil creep and enhances strength.

    We also provide concrete-filled natural rock walls. It presents a more robust option to our natural rock retaining walls. The rock wall builders in Launceston usually build concrete walls to provide rigidity and strength. However, we can include natural stones in the cast. Because of this, the finished wall becomes lovelier. The rocks in the concrete also enhance the structural integrity.

    Importance of retaining walls

    Do you have a sloping site? In that case, a retaining wall is essential. Retaining walls are a crucial structural factor as they keep your yard in place. Moreover, they create a visually attractive area in your garden. Australian Construction is a retaining wall specialist. Therefore we can assist you in the design stage. So we ensure your retaining wall easily complements your garden.

    Some homeowners try to build their retaining walls. However, this process can be challenging if you lack the proper equipment. It may also prove difficult if you have not analysed the site carefully. So they end up engaging an expert like Australian Construction. The reason is we have the proper equipment. There are important considerations before installing a retaining wall like:

    • Is a structural engineer necessary?
    • Do you want concrete footings?
    • What kind of stone or paver do you prefer?
    • We also check the drainage and soil requirements


    Australian Construction provides affordable retaining walls. Despite what building materials you want for your project, we endeavour to save you more expenses. In this regard, we offer a superior finished product all the time. We can work on a small set of borders for the garden. Also, we can build a perimeter wall around your property. Notwithstanding, we offer durable and affordable systems. 

    Talk to us today for the best retaining rock wall structures in Launceston!