Outstanding Rock Wall Builders In Mackay

Mackay Rock Wall Builders

Mackay Rock Wall Builders

    Do you want builders in Mackay who have experience in constructing retaining walls? In that case, Australian Construction is your answer! Furthermore, our rock wall builders in Mackay provide cost-effective retaining wall solutions. 

    Additionally, we have a committed team of professionals. Therefore they complete the job on time and within budget. Our team of builders is friendly and experienced. So they offer you the best advice and tips for building and designing your retaining wall.

    Rock retaining wall

    For this retaining wall style, we use strategically arranged boulders or rocks. Hence we form a barrier that holds a bank of soil in place. We use the following materials for stone retaining walls:

    • Porphyry rock
    • Bluestone
    • Bush rock
    • Sandstone 

    Do you wish to use something different other than timber or concrete block retaining wall? Perhaps you want a natural and rustic look. Under these circumstances, you need a rock or boulder retaining wall. A rock wall is durable. Moreover, it resists erosion and weathering. The boulders and rocks are heavy. 

    Because of this, the rock wall supports significant quantities of soil. The rock wall builders in Mackay ensure they construct rock walls efficiently. As a result, it prevents the wall from collapsing. Furthermore, the wall is not carried away by erosion. Giant boulders form a functional and visually appealing retaining wall.

    Advantages of retaining rock walls

    Why is a boulder or rock retaining wall a great option?

    • Generally, boulder walls need minimal or no specific footings.
    • They are effective in controlling erosion.
    • The Australian Construction retaining rock walls drain effectively. Because of this, water pressure does not occur behind the wall. It is an issue found in other kinds of retaining walls.
    • Comparatively, rock retaining walls are more durable than timber retaining walls.

    Our rock retaining walls have many uses. For example, we use them to form a feature wall or garden wall. Depending on the boulders you choose, they are affordable. The Australian Construction large boulder retaining walls are very efficient. As a result, they hold the soil in place. Additionally, they prevent erosion.

    Advantages of rock retaining walls

    • Low maintenance
    • Durable
    • Enhance the home’s value
    • Various options
    • Highly functional

    Rock retaining walls play a vital role in your garden. However, we also install them because of their aesthetic quality. When we use natural stone in your retaining wall, it provides sophistication and strength. Natural stone is excellent for your garden because they are durable and need minimal maintenance. Additionally, we have different options. More importantly, it increases your home’s value.

    We look forward to discussing your retaining wall design with you!

    Bluestone Rockwall

    The Australian Construction bluestone is an appealing landscaping stone. It has a unique structure and colour and is hence the best garden rock. Comparatively, bluestone is more affordable than other stones. Because of this, it is an ideal substitute for more costly stones like sandstone. 

    We use bluestone in many ways, such as dry-stacked walls and spillways. Additionally, we use it to control erosion. We also incorporate bluestone into your water feature. Given this, your garden has a unique feel and look. Mainly we use bluestone for retaining walls. Consequently, your home or garden looks exceptional.


    At Australian Construction, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and artistry. In light of this all our designers, installers and builders specialise in different fields. They have vast experience. Hence they have developed unique methods and designs. 

    We ensure we use top quality and premium products and materials in all our projects. Also, we comply with the Australian Construction building standards. Moreover, we use top-notch equipment and tools to enhance our workflow.

    Please talk to us today for the best rock wall services in Mackay!