Highly Experienced Rock Wall Builders In Melton

Melton Rock Wall Builders

Melton Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction specialises in rock work and natural stone. In this regard, we produce lovely landscape features by Australia’s splendour. We provide quality work that reflects the best gardens in Melton. Additionally, our rock wall builders in Melton offers top quality, distinct and stylish products.

    Our services are available to commercial and residential clients. Moreover, prices are affordable. We provide attractive landscaping rocks. Not only are our services low maintenance but affordable. As a result, your garden becomes transformed.

    Bluestone rocks

    We use bluestone from Australia which has a great reputation globally. This product is known to be of top quality compared to any other place. The rock wall builders in Melton offer a grey/blue shade that is unique. Additionally, bluestone rocks have a minimal level of pyrite. So the colour remains intact for a lengthy period.

    It is a hard stone and durable as well. Because of this bluestone rocks presents an ideal option for laying pavement. Australian Construction ensures we give our valued clients the ideal finishing touches to their paving. As a result, this lovely rock’s colour stands out. More importantly, the rock is top quality.

    Basalt rock

    Do you want basalt rocks? In that case, talk to our rockwork specialists at Australian Construction. We source and provide various landscaping pebbles, stones and rocks. Moreover, we have different sizes, colours and shapes. In addition, we provide basalt stones for domestic or commercial applications.

    Basalt stones

    Our basalt rocks are a lovely way of transforming your garden naturally. These rocks make a simple but also effective statement. Furthermore, we use our basalt rocks and stones to create striking features all over Melton.

    Mud rocks

    Our mudrocks describe thinly grained rocks. These rocks are made up of sediment and we choose these river rocks exclusively from a pure variety. The mudrocks are earthy brown in regard to material and colour. This sediment is either rough or smooth. Mud rocks are 

    This sediment can vary from extremely smooth to rough ones. Mud rocks are handy, as they can be conveniently managed as per the needs of the landscape. They can be easily cut and designed to give a spectacular finish.


    The granite stone is available in various surfaces and colours. Because of this, it is an amazing river rock. In addition, it is resilient and touches. Hence it is a popular landscaping rock. 

    Volcanic rock

    We refer to volcanic rock as honeycomb rock also. These kinds of river rocks present a grainy surface. Also, Australian Construction provides this rock in amazing colours. Consequently, your landscape acquires an intriguing landscape. We use this option for water structures and pavements borders. Additionally, we use them on walls that require retention.

    River pebbles

    The rock wall builders provide river rocks giving your garden landscape a sleek and furnished look. We add river pebbles to pot plants in midsections of walkways. In addition, we include them around pathways. Moreover, we have different colours, shapes and sizes for river pebbles.

    Salt & pepper granite rocks

    Granite presents a unique and appealing look. If you want to design your property with granite rocks we are your best choice. We provide different varieties of granite. Hence our clients can confidently choose any of our granite products. Our skilled team has vast experience in landscape designing. So talk to our friendly staff for assistance with your landscape design. 


    Australian Construction offers various landscape rock materials. Our natural stones are timeless. So we use it for paving or retaining. We also use it for water features. Therefore your space gains more character! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you in choosing a rock wall.

    We look be glad to hear from you today about your rock wall project in Melton!