Superb Quality Rock Wall Builders In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Rock Wall Builders

Port Macquarie Rock Wall Builders

    Australian Construction specialises in retaining walls. Hence we provide structurally sound, functional and aesthetic rock walls. Our rock wall builders in Port Macquarie deliver complete designs and retaining wall services.

    Our rock walls look natural, and in addition, they are affordable. As a result, they improve a yard’s look and feel. Consequently, your home becomes more valuable.

    Retaining and rock walls

    Retaining walls present essential structural factors. We build them to prevent soil from shifting and eroding. Sometimes we do it to make a lawn level, and hence you can build on varying levels. Additionally, you can use it for decoration. There are engineering requirements involved in retaining walls. Therefore it would be best for you to use licensed rock wall builders in Port Macquarie. 

    Australian Construction helps in building new retaining walls.  Moreover, we rebuild existing walls. We use various materials to develop our outdoor walls. For example, we use timber sleepers and rocks. 

    We build lovely rock walls and use interlocking blocks and a lot more. Rock walls are not only retaining walls but also decorative features. Additionally, they function as separate structures. Hence they meet your needs and serve whatever function you need.

    Rock & boulder retaining rocks

    We have transformed Port Macquarie homes with appealing and natural rock walls. Our able team changes steep slopes, consequently, giving you a functional entertainment area. For instance, we create natural gardens, family spaces and entertainment spaces. The Australian Construction rock walls are naturally beautiful. 

    Our rock walls are not only naturally appealing but also decisive. Because of this, they suit any Port Macquarie home despite the style. These rock walls are strong. Due to this, they are ideal for any project. In other words, our rock walls are the best!

    Our team works with you to create your vision. We have vast experience. Given this, we change your landscape dramatically. Perhaps you need a complete redesign, or maybe you want turf installation. Whatever the case, we will deliver. 

    Benefits of rock & boulder retaining wall

    The rock wall builders in Port Macquarie build retaining walls from rocks and boulders. Hence they are best for the Port Macquarie weather. They are highly weather resistant. Additionally, they provide excellent durability and strength. We create these retaining walls to withstand the stormy weather in Port Macquarie. The walls have natural holes and because of this, the water runs through and drains out. As a result, it prevents flooding and likely damage to your residence. 

    Comparatively, rock & boulder retaining walls are classier than concrete and standard timber. Because these walls are strong, they sustain significant weight. At the same time, they retain a natural look. So they are ideal for small and large projects.

    Creating boulder retaining walls

    We stack different shaped boulders and rocks on top of one another to create a boulder or rock retaining wall. It gives your garden a natural-like wall. These walls are strong because of their weight and height and are durable because of this.

    First, we excavate the land in the proposed position of the walls. Consequently, we create a bank to hold the wall in place. After this, we dig a footing and then level hence creating a foundation for the retaining wall. After compacting the soil in the footing, we fill it with coarse gravel

    We compact this gravel as well the level the footing to prepare for the boulders. After this, we lay the boulders to ensure that every wall level is slanting a bit towards the bank. We then place soil-blocking fabric behind the rocks and use backfill to fill the space behind the wall. The outcome is a durable natural looking rock face that holds up the bank.


    Australian Construction has changed properties in Port Macquarie with lovely and natural rock walls. Our team tames steep slopes, transforming them into functional family spaces, entertainment areas or natural gardens. 

    For a lovely and functional rock wall in Port Macquarie, please call us today!