Proficient And Fast Rock Wall Builders In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Rock Wall Builders

Rockhampton Rock Wall Builders

    At Australian Construction, we proudly create unique garden retaining walls. Not only are they structurally sound but also attractive. Therefore whatever you need, our rock wall builders in Rockhampton can deliver. In other words, our team builds retaining rock walls of any style or shape. 

    We provide curved, multi-tiered and flat rock walls. Additionally, we include stairs. As a result, it gives you easier usability and access. Our team designs all our retaining rock walls professionally. Because of this, they support flattened land to avoid erosion. Furthermore, we engineer it uniquely. Hence it resists landslips.

    Why are retaining walls necessary?

    Retaining walls are stabilising structures. We build them to prevent erosion. These walls also stop the soil from moving downwards on a slope. We make these rocks in a manner that redistributes the pressure arising from the sloping surface. Australian Construction uses different materials to build the walls. For example, we use steel, brick and wood. We utilise glass and composites as well.

    Bush rock walls

    Lovely and natural-looking

    Our bush rock walls have a natural look. We obtain our bush rock from the wilderness in Australia. Hence this stone is highly natural. More importantly, the Australian Construction bush rock is affordable. It makes your garden look and feel natural. For years the rock wall builders in Rockhampton have used bush rock in gardens and landscaping. As a result, we re-create a fabulous natural bush setting. Additionally, we build retaining walls or fences. 

    Moreover, we build line pools and create waterfalls. Australian Construction also uses bush rock to grow mosses, lichens, and orchids. Therefore if you want a natural stone for your garden, our bush rock is the best option.

    Sandstone retaining walls

    Sandstone presents a remarkable stone. For this reason, we mainly use it in retaining walls and rock walls. It has warm caramel tones. Due to this, your home acquires a natural and stunning look. For years we have used sandstone for building. It takes many years for sandstone to form. Furthermore, it also forms in water and on land. 

    So when you have a sandstone wall, it makes your home and gardens classy and stylish. Sandstone is naturally porous. Because of this, it is a highly efficient option for use in constructing a retaining wall or rock wall. Sandstone differs from traditional mortar and blocks. 

    For this reason, it enables soil moisture to penetrate and drain away. It consists of an inbuilt drainage system. Hence even if water pressure happens, the damage is not severe. So it is easy to repair this material.

    Commercial & residential

    Australian Construction is a multifaceted business. Given this, we handle all sized projects. For example, the rock wall builders in Rockhampton handle small suburban gardens. We also work on major commercial and private landscapes. In addition, we handle big commercial landscapes.

    We have talented landscape gardeners. So they offer our clients design services. We prepare for drainage and lay. Also, we excavate and construct complex and straightforward retaining solutions. Our company has the resources in-house. For this reason, we provide lovely gardens of all sizes for our clients. In light of this, we will be happy to have the chance to talk about your landscape work with you.


    Australian Construction considers your ideas. At the same time, we give you our suggestions. We provide walls created from different stones. For example, we offer bluestone boulders and lightweight wall blocks. In addition, we provide sandstone-retaining blocks. These products are suitable for various types of terrain and land. We have handled entire sub-developments. 

    It portrays our flexibility and versatility. Given this, we assure you satisfaction due to our team’s hard work and commitment. Consequently, we provide the ideal rock wall that transforms your features or wall into a spectacular section of your whole garden.

    We look forward to providing our exceptional rock wall solutions to you!