Highly Experienced Rock Wall Builders On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Rock Wall Builders

Sunshine Coast Rock Wall Builders

    At Australian Construction, we specialise in excavation and landscaping. In addition, we are skilled in installing rock walls and retaining walls. Moreover, our rock wall builders on the Sunshine Coast provide acreage rock walls. We also replace sleeper walls for commercial, industrial and residential needs. Our services are available on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas.

    Our rock walls are not only functional, but we design them for aesthetic appeal. Because of this, we rank top on the Sunshine Coast as a leader in rock wall building. Moreover, we use superior materials like bush rock, sandstone, boulders, porphyry rock and bluestone. We provide striking designs. Additionally, we customise them to meet our clients’ budgets, personal tastes and lifestyles.

    Commercial rock walls solutions

    The rock wall builders on the Sunshine Coast expertly install rock retaining walls (engineered) for various industrial and commercial clients. We handle primary perimeter walls for residential estates. In addition, we provide retaining walls for business complexes or industrial sites. 

    Furthermore, our skilled team builds retaining walls for large and small areas. More importantly, our retaining walls adhere to Australian Safety Standards. Our qualified staff caters to all your industrial and commercial retaining wall requirements. For example, they handle earthmoving and excavation from the design to the installation stage. Talk to us today and find out how our skilled team can help you.

    Residential rock wall building

    The rock wall builders on the Sunshine Coast designs our rock retaining walls to Australian standards. We incorporate unique design and construction techniques. Because of this, you enjoy years of maintenance-free landscaping services. Our retaining walls are not only decorative but also highly functional. We create these walls using various materials. For instance, we use porphyry rock, boulders, bluestone and sandstone. A retaining wall can prevent environmental problems like soil erosion.

    In our landscape styles, Australian Construction has used all types of retaining walls. Our range includes decorative boulder walls and functional retaining walls. Additionally, we have worked on significant acreage retaining walls. 

    Therefore whatever your wall needs, we work jointly with you. Consequently, we give you a functional wall that makes your landscape lovelier. To this end, we use top-grade rock in our designs. We use materials like bluestone, sandstone and porphyry. 

    Boulder retaining walls

    Our most famous retaining wall application is the natural boulder retaining wall. This type of wall is trendy among gardening fans. It is an enjoyable and lovely way of expressing your character and love for nature. This wall portrays numerous hardy, brightly coloured annuals, perennials and trees throughout.

    Australian Construction designs boulder retaining walls that recreate a natural bluff feature. We consider your professional and personal planting needs. Therefore it offers various planting pockets for the long term. At the same time, we maintain the beauty of a natural hillside. 

    Do you have rotting or ageing timbers in your sleeper walls? Or perhaps you have cracking concrete or railroad ties. Under these circumstances, use our boulder retaining wall that is environmentally friendly. If you have a falling timber wall, it is best to replace it! Therefore upgrade to healthier, safer and durable natural stone. 

    Most timbers consist of arsenic that can permeate the soil and surpass quantities deemed safe by the state. Get in touch with us today. We will take care of the whole procedure from demolition. Our team safely disposes of your failing or ageing railroad ties and timbers. 


    Australian Construction builds lovely and affordable retaining walls. Moreover, we create durable walls. Our team has vast experience and is creative. Additionally, they have training in traditional stone masonry. Because of this, they can handle commercial and domestic projects of all sizes. We have forged a strong link with our suppliers and use various products. For this reason, we offer different rock retaining walls. Not only do our walls suit your property but also your budget.

    We will be delighted to handle your rock wall building works today!