Highly Recommended Rock Wall Builders In Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga Rock Wall Builders

Wagga Wagga Rock Wall Builders

    Do you need a retaining wall for your commercial property or home? In that case, Australian Construction is your go to company! We provide horticultural consultations. Our rock wall builders in Wagga Wagga design retaining walls that meet your needs as a result.

    Our services include sleepers and blocks. In addition, we offer rocks, stones and timber. We only use premium materials and for this reason, our walls are durable. Australian Construction uses retaining walls in environmentally friendly landscaping to strengthen our clients’ soil.

    Additionally, it prevents pests, corrosion and flooding. Our landscapers use retaining walls to transform your unusable and uneven area giving you a flat, functional area. 

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    Our expert services

    The rock wall builders in Wagga Wagga specialise in rock retaining walls. Our team has vast experience and provides great split face retaining wall blocks for building corners, straight or curved retaining walls. We use hand-sawn sandstone blocks or bluestone in addition. Consequently, our garden beds or landscaping looks wonderful!

    Australian Construction is available in various retaining wall block hues. We install these walls outdoors in living areas with a height of 6 metres. In addition, we provide split face textures. For instance, we have contemporary, rustic and rough textures. Due to this, our designs suit different building styles for your garden or outdoors.

    Strong & fashionable

    The Australian Construction retaining walls are practical. Moreover, they change your home, making it an isolated retreat. More importantly, our walls enhance privacy. These walls make your property’s curb appeal striking as well. 

    We use different materials and aesthetic designs to improve your space. Our products are available for your back or front yard. Hence, we give you the feeling that you are on a luxurious holiday at home! First, our landscapers assess your property; it helps them understand the area they are working with. 

    After this, they design your wall to complement the existing architecture. For example, we match your pool surrounds and tiled walkways and the pergolas or decks as well. 

    Rock retaining walls

    We pile natural rocks together hence creating a natural and industrial look. Additionally, we include plants in and near the rock retainers. In the end, you get a lovely retaining wall that works as a garden as well.

    Concrete blocks

    Working with concrete blocks is easy also. Our stacked concrete blocks form a mid-century look. After stacking, the colour of the blocks and mortar enhances it. The Australian Construction aggregate blocks are available in ultra-lightweight forms. Moreover, we provide them in dark and light grey finishes.

    Stacked stone

    Stacked stone looks very expensive. However, it is affordable. For our newer stacked-rock walls, every piece is thin with a veneer of 2.5cm. We mainly stock the veneer in a 15 x 30cm dimension. Installing it as a retaining wall involves building the structure first. In light of this, we either use poured concrete or pressure-treated plywood. The Australian Construction stacked-stone veneer works as a façade.

    Benefits of rock walls

    • It is not necessary to have concrete footing.
    • Rock walls can ‘move.’ Hence cracking is not a problem.
    • The walls do not hold water.
    • The Australian Construction rock walls last long. So they do not crack, warp, split or rot. Comparatively, they are more durable than other materials.
    • Termites do not present a problem.
    • Most rock walls are appealing.


    Australian Construction is proud to create unique garden retaining walls. Not only are they attractive but also structurally strong. Furthermore, our team meets all your needs. In other words, we build retaining rock walls of any style or shape. For example, we create multi-tiered, curved or flat rock walls. 

    We will be pleased to create a unique rock wall for you, so kindly contact our expert team today!