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Bendigo Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides roofing services fast and effortlessly! After all, we have vast experience in the roofing sector. Because of this, our roofing contractor in Bendigo has the expertise and knowledge to complete every project to top standards. Our team helps in repairing or restoring your roof to its previous condition. Moreover, we handle all sized projects.

    Our range of services includes whirlybirds and roof cleaning. Moreover, we offer solar panel cleaning and repairs and restorations. Additionally, we help in tile and metal surface cleaning. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. Due to this, we always ensure affordability and promptness. More importantly, we are efficient in all our projects. We give you a free quote. Therefore you can plan your budget before we begin work.

    Roof restoration

    Do you want roof restoration services? In that case, the roofing contractor in Bendigo is your answer. After all, we are the best roofing experts in Bendigo! We have a carefully picked team of roof specialists. Do you need minor roof repairs? Or do you want roof replacements or restorations? Whatever the case, our team is happy to meet your needs. We have different roofing experts. They all have excellent quality work and customer service skills. Also, they have an excellent reputation and are specialists. Moreover, they handle all kinds of roofing materials.

    Because of this, we give your roof a new lifespan. Additionally, our costs are much less compared to roof replacements. Mainly our restorations provide lovely outcomes for the homeowner. As a result, the home increases in value. In addition, it becomes safer and rejuvenated. So your roof regains its shine, and your property looks lovelier! Australian Construction provides affordable roof restoration services. For just a fraction of a new roof’s cost, our restorations include:

    • Full inspection
    • Any necessary repairs
    • Repointing and re-bedding where needed
    • High pressure clean
    • Sealing/coating/ painting in the colour you want
    • Last inspection
    • Thorough cleaning

    Roof restoration expenses

    Australian Construction roof restoration costs are different for each job. The reason is every individual project varies. Therefore it has different needs. The roofing contractor in Bendigo provides free checks and quotes. Because of this, we present correct roof restoration costs. Due to this, our team gives you the right idea of the cost for your specific circumstance. More importantly, it helps in reducing the risk of hidden costs.

    Many variables impact the restoration expenses. In light of this, we endeavour to carry out thorough inspections. Consequently, we give you the correct quote to avoid any surprises when the work begins. Factors that affect restoration work costs are:

    • The roof size
    • Accessibility to the roof and house
    • Multiple or single storey
    • Roof material
    • Any roof repairs that we need to do

    Are you worried about your roof restoration costs? In that case, our team happily gives you the correct suggestions. But we do not advise taking your roof issues lightly. If you have a faulty roof, your home becomes sensitive to the elements.

    The time we need for a roof restoration project

    In most cases, we take less than a week for roof restorations.  So we often deliver in two days. Similar to costs, various factors influence the time required. It includes materials availability, moisture content and site accessibility. We guarantee that if you work with our roofing experts, we will deliver the job on time. Furthermore, during the inspection, our consultants talk to you about any problems that may delay your project.


    The Australian Construction roof services include new homes and spouting and downpipes. Our roofing team has excellent awareness of the latest materials and products. Moreover, we have unique solutions.  Do you need roofing repairs and maintenance? Or perhaps you want new construction or extensions. In that case, we provide high quality and affordable roofing services that meet your needs.

    For more information about our quality roofing services, call us today!