Highly Experienced Roofing Contractor In Bunbury

Bunbury Roofing Contractor

Bunbury Roofing Contractor

    The Australian Construction team ranks top in roof installations and repairs. Therefore you can rely on us to provide brilliant artistry. Additionally, we offer excellent customer service. As a result, our roofing contractor in Bunbury is proud of our top quality work. 

    For this reason, we have established strong relationships with our customers. We serve the industrial and commercial industries. So whatever roofing requirements you have, we can deliver. Our services include general roof restoration and repairs and new roofing. 

    We also provide re-roofing and building maintenance. In addition, we handle asbestos removal. In other words, our professional team offers various roof restorations and repair services. Not only are we skilled in roof repairs but also gutter repairs. Therefore we ensure we unblock and repair your gutters. Additionally, if necessary, we carry out whole replacements.

    Roof insulation

    Reducing energy wastage and enhancing comfort

    The roofing contractor in Bunbury installs superior roof insulation in your home. As a result, it reduces your energy wastage. It also helps you play your part in conserving the planet! Australian Construction is a leader in roof insulation. For years we have been servicing businesses and homes in Bunbury. 

    We have roof insulation specialists. They ensure your home is energy efficient and comfortable for all seasons. Given this, they expertly install colorbond roof insulation. So, save money and decrease your emissions with our insulation services.

    What does roof insulation involve?

    Our insulation works as a barrier to heat gain and heat loss. It especially applies to ceilings and roofs. For most Australians, roof insulation is an affordable and practical manner of regulating temperatures in their homes. For example, insulation keeps their homes cool in summer. Likewise, it maintains the warmth inside the home in winter. Consequently, this system saves a maximum of 80% in temperature losses.

    The Australian Construction team provides insulation by building a protective barrier between a home’s areas. These are areas with varying temperatures, for example, places like external roofs and attics. This barrier helps in trapping temperatures. In addition, it prevents excessive exterior cold and heat from entering. Australian Construction also installs affordable and adequate roof ventilation for Bunbury homes.

    Advantages of roof insulation

    Insulation decreases the rate of condensation in your home. For this reason, it lowers your prospects of growing dangerous mould and dampness. Additionally, our roof insulations help homes to:

    • Reduce the price of your energy bills
    • Decrease your energy usage. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions
    • Decrease your dependence on costly cooling and heating systems
    • Enhance your home’s general comfort.

    Perhaps you do not have roof insulation. It means you may be losing a maximum of 40% of your cooling and heating from the top of your home.

    Roof plumbing

    Inefficient roof plumbing can cause leaks. Moreover, it can lead to severe damage to your home’s interior. Because of this roof plumbing structures like gutters and downpipes are critical. These rainwater products capture water and carry it to ground level. Therefore it protects our home and roof.

    Flashing is essential as well. It prevents water from entering our roofs via gaps near chimneys or pipes. It also avoids water from getting in from other roofs’ edges. Have you noticed a discoloured area on the ceilings or walls around your home? In that case, call the roofing contractor in Bunbury today. We will respond quickly and give you a free quote for roof plumbing or roof leak repair service.


    Australian Construction uses top quality Australian products. For example, we use Zincalume, Bluescope and other products. Roofing services are complex and costly. More importantly, our services are affordable. Because of this, we work hard to offer impeccable services. 

    So call us today for the ideal roofing solutions in Bunbury!