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Cairns Roofing Contractor

Cairns Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction has vast experience in providing roofing needs. Moreover, our roofing contractor in Cairns offers roofing maintenance and reroofing. We also provide guttering installation. In addition, we have the commitment and equipment to do a great job. We present roofing services for industrial and commercial premises. Additionally, we offer roofing solutions to residential properties. It is essential to protect your structure from water and different elements. 

    Furthermore, it is essential to keep your building in excellent condition for years. Your roof plays a vital role in the procedure.  We offer a variety of roofing materials to our commercial and residential customers.  More importantly, we only use superior BHP Colorbond materials.

    Quality services

    We appreciate that the quality of our roofing materials is crucial. A strong roof remains in excellent condition for a long time. Additionally, the people who undertake your roofing installation also matter. Using unskilled or unprofessional roofers gives you a roof that needs reroofing in a few years. 

    Australian Construction has vast experience as roofers. More importantly, we only hire the best professionals. Because of this, we ensure we maintain our standards. Therefore hiring us assures you of a smooth roof installation.

    Commercial & domestic roofing

     A roof gives you more than shelter. For this reason, we install a solid roof at your business or home. It is the ideal way of ensuring enhanced security. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind. Because of this, we provide you with well-laid roofs. So, we ensure your ceiling’s foundation and wall’s complete protection.

    Your commercial building or house roof is noticeable. In other words, it forms a section of your structure’s public façade. Our expert team flawlessly installs your roof. As a result, it makes the property more appealing.  For this reason, we help you include that aesthetic in your commercial building or home. We are experts in roofing stretches, and our experience is vast.

    Furthermore, we have served the Cairns region expertly for years. In light of this, we help you acquire a lovely roof. Consequently, it makes your home lovelier. In addition, it protects the interior foundation. Our roofers take their jobs very seriously. Therefore they only offer suggestions about roofing materials they believe will best suit your property.

    Roof installations

    Our professionals first arrange a consultation with you. They discuss the roofing services you want. Are you building a new commercial space or a new home? In that case, we can talk about your roofing options. It depends on how your building project has progressed. 

    More importantly, we outline all our ideal roofing materials.  Our products give you protection, longevity and aesthetic appeal. When you pick a roofing material, we analyse details of the final cost. It includes our labour costs. After this, we decide on the day our expert team will visit your premises for the installation. Most of our roofing work takes some days. In addition, after completion, we clean up. As a result, your property looks perfect.


    Has it been a while since your roof was installed? In that case, you might be thinking of reroofing. The roofing contractor in Cairns gives you reroofing options. For example, we can remove the existing roof. It makes your new roof look brand new once more. 

    Alternatively, we can set up another roof on top of the existing one. Every option has its advantages and disadvantages. Because of this, we appreciate it is essential to talk about them in detail before our team proceeds further. 


    Australian Construction specialises in industrial, commercial and residential roofing systems. We provide our services to our clients in Cairns. We are dedicated to maintaining top standards in the building industry. Therefore we offer quality products. Moreover, we provide excellent customer satisfaction. Our services include environmentally established roofing systems. Also, we offer architectural slope metal roofing.

    Do not hesitate to call us to discuss your next roofing project in Cairns!