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Canberra Roofing Contractor

Canberra Roofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have the most trusted roofing and guttering experts. Moreover, our roofing contractor in Canberra delivers quality work. Because of this, we have built an outstanding reputation. Our team provides all kinds of roofs. For example, we offer tiled roofs and metal roofs. 

    Roofs have different pitches, and we service all of them. Our expert roofers handle all sections of your roof. For instance, we work on ridge capping, facades and roofs. We also take care of valleys. Additionally, we provide gutter replacements and installations.

    Our superior services

    Surprisingly our roof restoration costs are cheap compared to new roofs or roof replacements. However, the result is almost the same. At Australian Construction, we evaluate each case individually. After all, every job is different. The roofing contractor in Canberra ensures they give you an accurate quote. Because of this, there are no surprises. We offer you a free quote, and our team is happy to visit for a roof inspection. Moreover, our quotes are obligation-free. Furthermore, you can choose to be present during the inspection or not.

    Our roofing services benefits include:

    • Prolonging the lifespan of your existing roof
    • Enhancing the lifespan of your current roof
    • Improving your property’s energy efficiency
    • Lowering any ongoing maintenance problems
    • Increasing your property’s value

    Roof replacement

    Perhaps your roof has deteriorated over time. Because of this, it becomes inefficient in severe weather conditions it experiences daily. Because of this, you require a new roof replacement. Maybe you wish to improve your home’s exterior features to create a modern look. Or you want to sell your house and want to increase your home’s value. Under these circumstances, we have the perfect solution for you!

    The roofing contractor in Canberra presents three main kinds of roofs for your selection:

    First, you decide the kind of roof you want. You then choose a colour for your new roof. However, you may wish to retain the initial colour. In that case, we match the colour. Alternatively, our team presents you with a brochure featuring different colours. Therefore you can make a selection during the inspection.

    Roof restoration and maintenance

    At Australian Construction, we understand not everyone requires a total roof replacement. Some people only need minor adjustments to repair their current roof. Below are some indications you need roof restoration or maintenance:

    • Shattered, chipped or cracked tiles
    • Missing tiles or sections of your roof
    • Gutters are falling from the mounts
    • Broken gutters or ridge capping
    • Leaking gutters, water damage or roof leaks

    Mainly if you note these signs, already your roof is damaged. But we always advise that even if you presently do not experience these issues, book an inspection with us. Therefore you have peace of mind ensuring your roof is in great shape.

    Commercial roofing specialists

    Australian Construction has vast roofing experience. Due to this, we are famous for commercial roof repairs. Moreover, we are a trusted option for development projects. The roofing contractor in Canberra is dedicated to providing a hassle-free roofing experience. For this reason, you eliminate concerns about your roof. Hence you spend more time on other tasks. 

    We follow up on each commercial roofing project we undertake. Additionally, we offer free quotes, inspections and consultations. As a result, we help you in making the appropriate decision for your commercial roofing project.


    Australian Construction delivers top-quality roofing services. Most importantly our prices are affordable. We appreciate it is challenging to provide quality roofing services. For this reason, we work closely with you. Consequently, we recognise the ideal roofing solution to suit your needs. We handle each project with a fresh and unique approach. Our expert team invests time to understand your situation. Therefore we give you reliable and affordable solutions.

    We look forward to working on your next roofing project in Canberra!