Proficient and Fast Roofing Contractor On The Central Coast

Central Coast Roofing Contractor

Central Coast Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction offers roof restoration services. Additionally, our roofing contractor on the Central Coast provides roofing solutions. We expertly restore your roof. As a result, it keeps your home safe for years. Moreover, with us, you have the guarantee of quality and comprehensive roofing services.

    You may be unsure whether your roof requires restoration. In that case, our team provides a roof safety check. We offer this service to residents on the Central Coast. The reason is we have seen the severe effects of storm damage on the Central Coast. Therefore we believe we should give all homeowners our professional roofing advice.

    Asbestos roof removal

    Do you have an asbestos roof and want it removed? In that case, the roofing contractor on the Central Coast has the expertise to remove it. More importantly, we remove your fibro asbestos roof safely. We then provide a tiled or colorbond roof to replace it. 

    Therefore you do not have to worry anymore about your roof’s safety. We have the applicable licensing. Additionally, we follow all QLD regulations regarding asbestos removal. We have a comprehensive license for asbestos removal as well. 

    Roof replacement is a vital step in increasing your roof’s safety. Furthermore, it makes your home more valuable. We have a skilled asbestos roof removal team. Additionally, they have the essential equipment and experience. Because of this, you are assured that we will remove the asbestos from your property safely. At Australian Construction, we give you a licensed and qualified tradesperson for your roof repairs. We offer metal roofs, for instance, Zincalume steel or Colorbond steel. So, for your roof repairs, call us today. 

    In addition, we provide concrete tile roof, slate roof (Decramastic roof), and terracotta tile roof.  Our team specialises in these particular fields. In other words, we are your ‘one-stop shop for each of your roofing requirements. For example, we have licensed metal roofers and roof tilers. Additionally, we have licensed roof plumbers and painters.

    Tile roof repairs

    Your repairs may involve fixing a leak. Under these circumstances, it is best to have a licensed and qualified tradesperson like us. After all, we have vast experience. Fixing leaks is difficult and complex. Also, there are many likely causes of leaks. 

    Because of this, it takes an expert to locate the source. Our roofing contractor on the Central Coast fixes leaks triggered by design faults. If you have any leaking issues, talk to us today. Our professional team can fix it! Perhaps your roof is not leaking but needs repairs. In that case, we can undertake any repairs.

    We offer the following roof repair solutions:

    • Repairing a tile roof:
    • Re-pointing and Re-bedding
    • Fixing leaks
    • Replacing broken tiles
    • Treat minor surface rust
    • Replace rusty sheets
    • Down-pipe replacement and guttering
    • Replacing a metal roof’s loose screws or nails
    • Repairing or replacing flashings

    Roof replacement

    Our Australian Construction specialist team is committed to roofing replacement work. Furthermore, we focus on ensuring we meet all the requirements for your new roof. For example, we deliver the colours and materials you choose. 

    We ensure you get quality artistry as well. Given this, we provide various options that meet individual needs. The roofing contractor on the Central Coast customises your choice of material. Also, we deliver according to your choice of coatings, insulation and guttering.


    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our superior customer service. We also provide excellent artistry. Our team has a vast knowledge of roof restoration and roof replacement. Due to this, they have unique qualifications. Therefore they possess the expertise and experience. Due to this, they deliver quality products. Moreover, we offer customised services and pay attention to small details.

    Call us today for the best roofing services on the Central Coast!