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Gladstone Roofing Contractor

Gladstone Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction helps in repairing your roof. Moreover, we assist you in replacing rusted valley irons and broken tiles. We relay new mortar (re-bedding). Furthermore, our roofing contractor in Gladstone installs a different topcoat of flexible pointing or repointing. We also carry out resealing roof penetrations.

    Are you constructing your dream home? Or maybe you are renovating your old house. In that case, it is vital to find a trustworthy roofing company like us. After all, our team has excellent experience in all kinds of roofing structures. For example, we provide a flat roof (skillion), curved and gable. We also offer valley and pitched hip styles.

    Our quality services

    The roofing contractor in Gladstone uses only top-quality roofing products and materials. In addition, we ensure they are safe. Our products are created to withstand harsh weather conditions as well. More importantly, we comply with Australian Standards

    For this reason, we recommend our Colorbond roofing range of roofing products. Not only is it affordable but also we provide the best variety of colours. Additionally, it presents various profiles. Because of this, we can customise it. As a result, we ensure we give you the ideal roof.

    Our metal roofing is among the most dependable roofing materials available. It is incredibly reliable in unpredictable Australian weather. Are you experiencing bushfires, high winds or rainstorms? In that case, our metal roofing is your best solution!

    Commercial roofing services

    Australian Construction provides commercial roofing to schools and shops. We also serve commercial premises. Our company presents commercial roofing to different business premises and hospitals as well. In other words, we are specialists in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial metal roofing. 

    Do you need to replace your existing roof or asbestos roof? Or do you require a new roof? In that case, we have fully qualified and licensed roof plumbers. Due to this, they can undertake any project. Timelines are crucial during industrial roofing and commercial roofing projects.  It is important when we are replacing a roof or installing a new roof.

    Australian Construction handles Project Management from beginning to end. Our commercial roofers are qualified and experienced. Because of this, we guarantee that we will deliver your project on budget and time. We assure you that all our roofing works follow Australian building codes. Moreover, we comply with product specifications.

    Metal roofing is durable and hardwearing. Due to this, it suits different roof pitches over large and small roof areas. So we suggest metal roofing for all our commercial roofing projects. Metal roofing is lightweight. For this reason, our team installs metal roofing easily. Moreover, we give you a comprehensive option of expert solutions. We create the right roofing system to meet your requirements. 

    Australian Construction assigns an entire team to major commercial roofing projects. Alternatively, we divide our team into smaller teams for more specialised tasks. The roofing contractor in Gladstone has worked in high traffic areas, that is, high-rise buildings. We have also handled local council, traffic control and elevated work platforms. In addition, our team hand handled coordinating cranes.

    Industrial roofing solutions

    Our industrial roofing caters for shops, farms and factories. Given this, we have experience in handling large and small projects. Timeline is essential for any industrial project. Therefore our skilled team manages the whole project for you. 

    Moreover, they ensure they deliver on time. Our team consists of professional and experienced roofers. As a result, they finish the work within the schedule agreed on. We recommend our metal roofing for any industrial roofing project. 


    Australian Construction uses only superior products. Therefore you enjoy the durability and long-standing functionality against Australia’s severe weather conditions. Our team replaces any metal roof. For instance, we provide Galvanised, Zincalume, Colorbond and stainless steel roof cladding products.  We have years of experience and various trade skills. So we give you the appropriate suggestions and solutions for your roofing project.

    Please get in touch with us now for outstanding roofing services in Gladstone!