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Hervey Bay Roofing Contractor

Hervey Bay Roofing Contractor

    Do you need repairs for your roof? In that case, do not take chances. Australian Construction offers reliable roofing services. For example, our roofing contractor in Hervey Bay provides quality roof repairs, installations and inspections. We aim to give commercial property owners and homeowners superior roofing they can trust.

    We offer the following roofing services:


    The roofing contractor in Hervey Bay installs your new metal roofing. Furthermore, we provide superior and durable products. Moreover, all our products have a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, our metal sheeting is durable and stylish. Also, it is weather-resistant.


    Is your roof experiencing damage? You may require a yearly inspection to check the condition of your roofing. Under these circumstances, we offer comprehensive assessments. Hence we remove any doubts.


    Our skilled roofers carry out minor re-roofing repairs. Given this, we offer quick and efficient roofing maintenance. If your roof is too damaged for repairs, we provide an affordable replacement.


    At Australian Construction, we offer gutter repairs, installations and replacements. We provide these services for commercial and residential clients all over Hervey Bay and its surroundings. 

    Gutter & fascia

    Australian Construction provides different services. For example, we offer downpipes, gutters and fascia. In light of this, the roofing contractor in Hervey Bay installs top quality, affordable products. Our services include downpipes, gutters and fascia and we offer and install superior and affordable products. The Australian Construction delivers work that meets or surpasses Australian Standards as well as national construction codes. We provide new installations, repairs and replacements of:

    • Gutter guard
    • Downpipes
    • Parapet capping
    • Rainwater heads
    • Half-round gutters
    • Quad gutters
    • Box sumps and gutters
    • Fascia 

    Our company also offers rust painting and treatment services. Due to this, we maintain your gutter-related components in lovely condition all through the year!

    Gutter installations

    The roofing contractor in Hervey Bay uses top quality materials. In addition, all our roofing products are made in Australia. For this reason, we can fit it to suit all fascia and gutter systems. Moreover, we provide various colours and options to meet your budget.

    Gutter maintenance

    Maintaining gutter is essential to make your roofing system durable. After all, overflowing or leaking downpipes and gutters can lead to different issues that are expensive to repair. In light of this, Australian Construction provides routine preventative maintenance. Therefore it saves you money and protects your residential or home unit. Australian Construction offers affordable services to prolong your guttering system life. We carry out inspections for defects like:

    • Clogged downpipes
    • Replacing gutter guard
    • Rusted downpipes and gutters
    • Gutters that are retaining water
    • Overflowing and leaking gutters
    • Gutters that are blocked with debris
    • Inappropriately-sealed corners and joints

    We have an experienced team, and hence they also decide whether your gutter profile is too tiny to handle the rainfall experienced by your roof. Also, our team informs you whether your downpipes are sufficient. It determines whether the downpipes can efficiently displace the water from the gutters.

    Gutter mesh

    Many times, debris and leaves block downpipes and gutters. Because of this, the guttering system fails to work efficiently, and with time it leads to costly problems. For example, your sub-roof can experience rotted wood. Furthermore, your basement can become eroded. Under these circumstances, we offer unique mesh gutter guards. As a result, it prevents leaves from accessing the guttering system. Hence these solutions stop birds, pests and insects from inhabiting your gutters.


    Australian Construction provides affordable and quality roofing services. We offer and install different metal roofing. Also, we offer various styles and colours. Our team consists of skilled professionals in the sector. Moreover, our experience spans many years. We have provided services to gutters, fascia and patios.

    Please call us today for unique roofing services in Hervey Bay.