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Hobart Roofing Contractor

Hobart Roofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer a complete range of roof repair services. Moreover, we provide roof maintenance solutions. Also, our roofing contractor in Hobart provides roofing services for domestic clients. In addition, we offer services to commercial and industrial clients. 

    We are highly experienced in the roofing sector. Because of this, we can handle any job despite the size. Our expert team has skills in all roof repair aspects. Furthermore, they work hard. Therefore they ensure your roof is in ideal condition when you request our help.

    Moreover, we offer various superior additions to your existing roof. As a result, you get more convenience and comfort. Our services include installing gutter and fascia. We also offer natural roof lighting, gutter protection and whirlybirds. Moreover, we have various options to select from. 

    Repair & restoration

    The roofing contractor in Hobart is a leader in the provision of roofing repairs. We rank top in roofing restoration services as well. Additionally, we have created an excellent reputation over the last few years. In addition our roof recoating work and fixing leaks is outstanding. Therefore Australian Construction is the ideal option for all your roofing requirements in Hobart. 

    New extensions and roofs

    Apart from overall roof maintenance and additions, we also offer a wide choice of new roof systems. Do you want to build a new home? Or do you wish to replace your existing roof completely? You might be extending your property. In that case, we can build the best roof for you. For this reason, you need a roof that complements your entire home’s style. Whatever the situation, our expert team gives you quality services. More importantly, our services are affordable.

    Roof systems

    We offer various quality products. As a result, we meet any project or property’s roofing needs. We offer expert suggestions on roof maintenance, labour and maintenance. Moreover, we give our clients more assurance by providing all the essential materials and equipment for work completion. 

    Our roofing experience spans over a decade. Due to this, our team knows the most efficient materials and techniques to use. We value our clients. Consequently, we give our clients top quality services. So we deliver top standards solutions in all elements of our work.

    Asbestos removal

    Our roofing contractor in Hobart specialises in asbestos. Additionally, we offer asbestos removal and sheeting. Also, we offer you advice on how to care for your roof after we complete the service. Despite the task where the roofing is concerned, our team can handle it. For example, they undertake roofing in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. 

    Superior quality roofing materials

    Do you have a corrugated iron roof or steel roof? Or maybe you have plastic roofing. At Australian Construction, we have all the materials and tools to undertake any repair job. Additionally, if you want to reroof, we provide the material you want. We also install a new roof to match your existing property when creating an extension.

    We also give our clients various extra features for their roofs. For example, we provide cladding and colorbond roofing. We also offer pipes, tiles, fascia and more. In other words, we supply your exact needs regarding roofing supplies.


    The friendly team at Australian Construction communicates with you from beginning to end. Because of this, we work to your particular requirements. Therefore we give you a bespoke job. Do you want gutters, flues, insulation or awnings? Regardless, we guarantee to deliver the best job each time. If you want to upgrade your gutters and roofing, we have you covered. 

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