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Launceston Roofing Contractor

Launceston Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction is experienced in commercial and domestic roofing. Moreover, we are specialists in various comprehensive roofing systems. As a result, our roofing contractor in Launceston meets your individual needs. Our objective is to become the best roofing contractor in Launceston. Because of this, we offer quality and affordable artistry. Therefore over the years, we have created an excellent reputation.

    Our knowledge and experience of roofing systems

    We have experience in commercial and domestic roofing. Moreover, we specialise in offering various comprehensive roofing systems. Because of this, we meet different specifications. We have a skilled team with extensive manufacturer training. Because of this, they are experts in applying multiple roofing products and methods. 

    For example, we offer high performance felt roofing. We also provide tiling, single ply roofing and asphalt. Moreover, we offer hot melt systems and liquid membranes. Our range also includes green roofs, cedar shingles and many other materials.

    Do you have a leaky roof? In that case, you can incur huge costs if you do not replace or repair it fast. If water begins to rot the building’s superstructure, it can cost you significantly. Therefore monitor the condition of your roof. Then, get in touch with a professional like Australian Construction if you have any questions. 

    If your property has a flat roof, it is mainly prone to issues. Because of this, today it is common practice to change a flat roof into a pitched one. The roofing contractor in Launceston offers expert consults with you to find out your requirements. Then we offer expert advice and help on your ideal options.

    Property extensions and pitched roofs

    The cost of changing homes keeps increasing. Because of this, people prefer to extend and enhance their existing homes. Therefore they add rear and side as well as double-storey extensions.  Whatever modernising or building plans you have, you need the ideal match for your existing roof. 

    This feature is vital for your home. Because of this, we invest sufficient time and care to acquire the ideal match. We use reclaimed or new tiles. Our range includes pitched roofs, dormers, eaves and bespoke roofs. Therefore call Australian Construction to find out how we can help. We offer not only a free quotation but also the best suggestions about our options.

    Commercial and domestic pitched roofs

    The roofing contractor in Launceston is highly experienced in all types of pitched roofing. Our expert team handles small extensions. We also undertake large slate re-roofing projects. Because of this, we assure you of a top-quality finish. In addition, we have excellent customer service. 

    Roof installation and replacement

    We replace and install roof lights on domestic and commercial properties. For example, we serve big warehouses or factories. We also provide services to one bedroomed flat. Given this, we replace or install any roof light on flat or pitched roofs. It includes single polycarbonate skin, PVC, single skin and insulated roof lights. 

    Additionally, we offer sun pipes and barrel-vaulted roof lights. Mainly we replace roof lights because they have become stained. Also, we replace them if they are tinted or cracked. It happens when they become brittle because of dangerous UV rays. 

    Our roof lights are beneficial to residential and commercial buildings. They mainly raise the volume of natural light that enters a living environment or workspace. Moreover, it improves the internal appearance. Consequently, the living or working space improves.


    Australian Construction offers various commercial roofing solutions. We provide roofing services for different premises. For instance, we serve hotels, offices and retail outlets. We provide services to property developers for apartment blocks and residential homes also. Our company is known in Launceston for top quality flat roofing installations. More importantly, our roofers are highly qualified, and we use unique materials.

    Do not hesitate to talk to us today about your roofing requirements in Launceston!