Roofing Contractor In Mackay With Over 15 Years Experience

Mackay Roofing Contractor

Mackay Roofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we provide a wide range of roofing services. For example, we offer guttering, roofing and wall cladding services. Because of this, your home becomes secure. Therefore if you want roofing repairs or installation, talk to our roofing contractor in Mackay.

    Do you want a brand-new roof? Or do you need professional roofing repairs? In that case, our team is experienced and has the required equipment to do the job well. We endeavour to deliver the best outcomes. Moreover, we handle all sized jobs. 

    Our expert roofing services

    Your roof presents a vital section of your home where safety is concerned. If your roof leaks, it can cause water damage like structural decay and rot. Additionally, it can lead to mould growth, which is a severe health problem.  The roofing contractor in Mackay helps in ensuring your roof is in great shape. 

    Additionally, we repair any damaged roofing. Because of this, your home remains safe and healthy for your family. Moreover, a new or well-maintained roof helps in enhancing your home’s visual appeal.  More importantly, when you want to sell your home in the future, a new roof gives you a significant selling point.

    Commercial roofing

    Maintaining your commercial structure in good condition is crucial. Given this, caring for your roof is a priority. Because of this, Australian Construction offers commercial roofing services. First, we scrutinise your roof. Second, we detect any underlying problems. Third, we make any necessary repairs. As a result, we prevent the issues from becoming worse.

    Many people are aware that a leaking roof indicates damage. However, most people are unaware of how to detect the minor signs of an issue. It is especially so on commercial buildings. The reason is that the roof is not very noticeable. We have a specially trained team. Due to this, they detect even the most minor roofing damage. As a result, we help in repairing it before the damage becomes worse. In addition, our roofing contractor in Mackay has the essential equipment for undertaking significant replacements. We also carry out primary guttering services.

    Industrial roofing

    Industrial roofing mainly consists of more durable materials. However, repairing and maintaining these roofs regularly is necessary. Given this, the roofing contractor in Mackay offers various roofing services. Because of this, we retain your roofing. Moreover, we handle any necessary repairs. As a result, your roof remains functional for many years. We have an insured and licensed team. In addition, we have vast experience. Because of this, we handle complex roofing repairs. 

    Since we have top-notch equipment, we carry out meticulous roof inspections. Additionally, we undertake not only industrial roofing but also commercial and residential roofing. Due to this we easily meet any of your needs. Leaking water can cause roof damage, and it can worsen quickly. In this regard, our team has the skills to recognise minor damages. Therefore, we repair your roof enabling it to withstand harsh weather storms. Furthermore, we advise inspecting your roof each year. It ensures all your roofing materials remain in good condition.


    Australian Construction has expert roofers. For this reason, they are highly trained to undertake all kinds of roofing repairs. Additionally, they specialise in roofing inspections and installation. In addition, we use the newest equipment available in the sector. Also, our roofers can easily recognise the cause of your roofing issues. 

    Therefore they implement the most efficient plan. As a result, we resolve the issue fast at an affordable price. Additionally, we carry out fascia and gutters cleaning and repairs. Consequently, it maintains them in top condition. Your gutters help in removing rainwater from the roof. They are also a crucial part of your roofing method and its general health.

    So talk to us today for the best roofing services in Mackay!