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Port Macquarie Roofing Contractor

Port Macquarie Roofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in roof maintenance. We carry out major roof restorations and minor roof repairs. Moreover, our roofing contractor in Port Macquarie gives you an honest analysis. As a result, we offer options that match the level of peace of mind and security you want.

    Undoubtedly an expertly restored roof adds value to your home. Because of this, you have a home that makes you proud! But beauty is not simply skin deep! The weather condition in Port Macquarie can be harsh. Due to this, many roofs leak. In many instances, the signs of these leaks may not be obvious. For example, this issue can be concealed by ceiling insulation. Therefore give your home protection from dangerous and costly water leaks.

    Problems experienced by tiled roofs

    • Broken or cracked roof tiles
    • Displaced roof tiles
    • Displaced, damaged or blocked flashings
    • Broken or cracked motor bedding to the hip or ridge capping
    • Blocked drainage channels beneath the ‘side laps of separate tiles

    The roofing contractor in Port Macquarie has years of experience in the sector. Our roofing contractor in Port Macquarie is hands-on. Moreover, our main priority is quality rather than quantity. Therefore we ensure we manage all the ongoing work. For this reason, we limit the number of projects we undertake in a week. 

    Roof restoration

    A roof protects your home, and hence you need to carry out maintenance at least every ten years. Australian Construction restores your roof first to rectify the issues. After this, we repair the roof. The main problem that roofs experience due to harsh weather in Port Macquarie involves the decline of the original surface. Consequently, it makes other issues worse.

    When restoring a roof, we appreciate that preparation is paramount. Because of this, our team cleans the roof surface area thoroughly. In addition, we repair all the faults. The crucial part of roof coating is applying a binding coat or first coat. We choose the binding coat depending on your roof’s type and condition. The roofing contractor in Port Macquarie uses various branded finish coats or colour coats. 

    Roof repointing

    Australian Construction provides roof repointing services and repairs broken roof tiling and masonry as well. Broken tiles can trigger leaks and other issues. Therefore if you note signs of cracks, call us immediately. Additionally, it is helpful if our team checked your roof and undertook maintenance regularly. Because of this, it prevents more expensive issues in the future.

    Ideal repointing services

    Do you need roof-repointing services? In that case, our team visits your property for an inspection. They then give you a free quote and then talk about the work involved. After getting your approval, we start working at a convenient time for you. 

    Australian Construction uses repointing materials rather than the customary sand and cement mixture. Because of this, cracking and shrinkage reduce. Repointing and other roofing work are dangerous. Therefore if you want your tiles fixed, please talk to the experts like Australian Construction.

    Valley replacements

    The valley is among the most common factors of your roof that needs replacement. This section runs between your roof’s folds. Consequently, it facilitates the flow of rainwater from the roof. This part can rust or become damaged. Moreover, leaves and different debris can block them. 

    Have you noticed an issue with your valley? Or do you think it needs replacement or repair? In that case, talk to the roofing contractor in Port Macquarie. We will give you a suitable solution! For this reason, the water flow is restricted.


    At Australian Construction, we are dedicated to offering the ideal services to our clients. Our experience in the roofing industry spans many years. Moreover, we operate within the official health and safety protocols. Therefore we are the ideal choice for all kinds of roofing projects.

    It will be our pleasure to work with you today and give you the best roofing services!