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Rockhampton Roofing Contractor

Rockhampton Roofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we carry out roof restoration repairs. We offer re-roofing and re-guttering services. Because of this, we help in restoring your roof to its earlier functionality.  Moreover, we mend any damage your roof has sustained. Moreover, our roofing contractor in Rockhampton offers the best roofing services in the town.

    We only work with materials designed to withstand the Australian weather. Our guttering and roofing materials features crack, peel, and chip-resistant finishes. Additionally, we have various colours available. We have a skilled team and can work at heights comfortably. Furthermore, they are experienced to work on commercial and domestic projects. Therefore we deliver superior roofing services to clients all over Rockhampton. Call us today for quality artistry and quick, efficient services. 

    Metal roofing 

    At Australian Construction, we offer the ideal metal roofing services. Given this, we provide:

    • Metal re-roofs
    • Colorbond roof replacement
    • Metal roof restorations & repairs
    • Downpipes, fascia, colorbond gutters
    • New metals roofs

    Do you want to replace or restore metal roofs? Metal roofing is flexible. Because of this, it is a famous option for new roofs. In addition, it suits all types of homes. Moreover, we utilise genuine Zincalume®  products and colorbond®.

    Metal roof replacement

    The most valuable decision you can make for your home or premises is installing a new metal roof. The roofing contractor in Rockhampton provides restored and new steel roofing. As a result, your home’s appearance becomes classier! Australian Construction uses Bluescope steel colorbond® for metal roof replacements. This product is lightweight and durable. More importantly, it is designed for Australian conditions. For example, it suits requirements like hail! Roofing created using Colorbonds® steel now provide Thermatech® solar reflectance technology.

    Moreover, we offer an option of 20 colours, and 11 of them are thermal. Because of this, you can match your home’s colours. Also, we suggest you consider the colours of your downpipes, fascia and guttering when choosing the colour for your restored or new metal roof. 

    Metal roof painting

    At Australian Construction, we also provide a metal roof painting service. Painting your metal roof presents a beautiful alternative to a complete roof replacement. Also,  it is an affordable and effective solution. It is best if your roof sheets are in reasonably good shape. Under these circumstances, we use our industrial roof coatings roof protect membrane. In light of this, our team coats your roof using the loveliest, glossiest and thickest paint in Australia.

    Roof extension services

    Do you want to make the living area in your building bigger? In that case, you can use extensions. Extensions are a popular method of creating additional space. Our roof extensions provide lovely protection for your business or home. Additionally, it improves the existing roof’s look.

    Do you want to construct a new tiled roof extension in your area? Or perhaps you wish to carry out tiled roof repairs. Maybe you plan to replace an aged old roof extension. In that case, our roofing contractor in Rockhampton can help you. Our tradesmen are experienced and skilled. Because of this, they offer top quality roof extension services. 

    We offer these services for commercial and domestic projects. Our engineers work with numerous expert builders. Because of this, we give your roof extensions the finish and style you want. Additionally, our expert roofers complement your existing roof tile using new tiles. Alternatively, we use second-hand roofing tiles. Due to this, we ensure a smooth blend of the new and old tiles.


    Australian Construction appreciates the importance of using only top quality products made in Australia. For example, we use Colorbond, Zincalume and Bluescope. Our team installs these products to the highest standards. Our roofing company is friendly, professional, and reliable. 

    Call us today for the best roofing services in Rockhampton!