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Sunshine Coast Roofing Contractor

Sunshine Coast Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction is highly experienced in re-roofing. We offer effective solutions for replacing your old asbestos roof. We also replace old tiled roofs or tin roofs. Our roofing contractor on the Sunshine Coast also replaces colorbond Bluescope steel. When we replace your old roof with a new one, it gives you peace of mind. Additionally, we help in ensuring you get your money’s worth. Furthermore, our team removes and disposes of your existing roof materials. Our company is fully licensed to remove asbestos. Moreover, we ensure an accredited firm disposes this harmful material to Australian standards.

    Adding value to your home

    Our expert team removes your existing roof. You may have fibro asbestos, decramastic tile or concrete tile. Or perhaps you want us to replace old galvanised iron. Under these circumstances, our service improves your home’s value and visual look tremendously. 

    Colorbond is secure, energy-smart and robust. Moreover, it looks beautiful. Also, it delivers durability and outstanding performance. Colorbond is also flexible in design. So it is an ideal roofing option. Australian Construction meets all your re-roofing requirements. Moreover, we work with minimum cost and inconvenience to you. 

    Our roofing team is highly experienced. Due to this, they deliver excellent work. The roofing contractor on the Sunshine Coast has years of experience. Because of this, we know how to analyse your roof’s condition. Hence we plan our work accordingly. 

    In view of this, we invest insight, effort and thought into every work we undertake. We appreciate that your property is essential to you. Furthermore, your roof is a crucial aspect of your home. Because of this, we handle it with care and are proud of our artistry.

    To emphasise how committed we are to you we do not use subcontractors for our project. Instead, our full-time tradesmen work on your roof. As a result, it guarantees our top-quality standards. Talk to our friendly team today for more information about all our services.

    Roof restorations

    At Australian Construction, we are roof restorations professionals. We have worked on roofs of all shapes and sizes on the Sunshine Coast for years. Therefore we are your local roofing experts. Our roof restoration service includes cleaning, servicing and refreshing old tiled roofs fast. Our tradesmen are fully trained. Furthermore, they bring their equipment to the site. Hence in most cases, they finish the work in only three days.

    Tiled roof restorations

    Are you on a budget and wish to clean up your property for resale? In that case, we can handle it for you. Moreover, we usually finish the work in three days. Get rid of the mess and noise! The roofing contractor on the Sunshine Coast is fully independent. Not only do we have our own equipment but also fully trained tradesmen. Because of this, we specialise in tile roof restorations on the Sunshine Coast.

    Reasons for restoring your home roof

    Do you want to maintain and service your roof fast and affordably?  Your roof may be old and no longer functional. Under these circumstances, please hire a skilled expert like us. We carry out a comprehensive restoration job. Because of this, we prevent the roof from getting worse. Consequently, roof repairs are not necessary. 

    Roof restorations are ideal if you:

    • Want to sell your home and wish to ensure it looks great.
    • Are keen to service and maintain your roof to prevent expensive repairs in the future.
    • Wish to restore an old roof.


    Australian Construction provides numerous services to commercial and residential properties. Additionally, we service government and corporate properties on the Sunshine Coast. Roofing is a priority when it comes to your property’s safety and security. For this reason, we give it the best treatment.

    So talk to our roofing experts today for all your roofing requirements!