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Wollongong Roofing Contractor

Wollongong Roofing Contractor

    Your roof is an essential element of your home. Therefore investing in a robust and good roof is ideal. It maintains your home’s value. Additionally, your family’s health and safety are maintained. In light of this, Australian Construction repairs any problems affecting your roof. Additionally, our roofing contractor in Wollongong gives you an entirely new roof if you want. After all, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the job right.  We also install a new fascia and gutter to complete the project.

    A damaged and old roof is unsightly. Moreover, a damaged roof is dangerous for people working on your roof.¬†Worse still, a damaged roof can start leaking. As a result, mould and water damage occurs. These two can destroy your home’s physical integrity. At the same time, it leads to health issues for your family. Therefore whether your roof is old or new, it is likely you need roofing services.

    Upgrading your home with new roof installations

    The roofing contractor in Wollongong is a professional in all types of roofing. We have years of experience in the roofing industry. So we can effortlessly give you a brand new roof! In addition, we have skilled and experienced people.

    Benefits of a new roof

    Our new roof installations give you many benefits. Are you constructing a new home? Or are you restoring an old building? When we install a new roof, it gives you a high investment return. More importantly, installing a new roof increases your home’s overall property value

    Also, you gain more than simply kerb appeal. Mainly a new roof provides insulation properties. Additionally, it offers leak protection. Because of this, your energy bills will reduce. A new roof not only gives you peace of mind but also safety and durability. 

    Australian Construction new roofing options

    Tiled roofs

    The roofing contractor in Wollongong customises all our new roof installations. We source top-quality roofing materials. Consequently, they suit your particular projects, such as building a roof for an industrial warehouse or modern home. 

    Tiled roof restoration and repairs

    A concrete tiled roof or terracotta offers numerous benefits. Some of them are:


    Our roof tiles present the most cost-effective roofing materials on the Australian market.

    Fire resistant

    Roof tiles are non-combustible. Therefore they are best for areas prone to bushfires.


    When it comes to strength, roof tiles should follow strict standards. Comparatively, according to tests, terracotta roof tiles are more resilient than concrete roof tiles.


    When opting to reroof a home, there are various aesthetic and functional advantages that apply. In many instances, the cost of re-colouring, fixing or repairing an existing roof may be similar, if not more than the expense of undertaking a complete reroof. 

    Colorbond roofing

    Sometimes Australia experiences especially harsh weather. Because of this, your roofing can become damaged. For example, you can experience very high temperatures and freezing. You can also have hail, dust and sand. Due to this, roof damage is a common issue. For this reason, we provide colorbond. Colorbond is effective for the intense weather conditions in Australia.

    This roofing material has undergone special testing. Given this, it resists problems like fading, corrosion and rusting. Moreover, this product has been tested against these conditions in laboratory tests and the real world. Moreover, the roofing contractor in Wollongong provides colorbond in various colours. Therefore it easily matches any home’s exterior. 


    To discover more about the Australian Construction roofing services, call us today. We will be happy to answer any questions about our products. Also, our competent team will help you make a wise decision on the ideal roofing options for your home. Do you want our colorbond products? In that case, we also provide matching gutters and fascia. We install your new materials fast and without any issues!

    We look forward to hearing from you!