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Sydney Sandblasting Contractor

Sydney Sandblasting Contractor

    Sandblasting is known as abrasive blasting as well. We use this process to clean a surface and etch it using sand. Sand is shot-direct at extreme velocity levels against an item that needs treatment. Australian Construction is a leader in the sandblasting service in this region. Moreover, we help in preparing the surface for several metal substrates. For example, the sandblasting contractor in Sydney handles surfaces like stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and wrought iron.

    Our team is highly experienced in this field. Because of this, for years, we have ranked top among Sydney’s sandblasting companies. We use the newest, technologically advanced equipment for each of our projects. More importantly, we give priority to perfection and detail. In addition, we highly focus on customisation. Consequently, we ensure we meet customer expectations and surpass them!

    The procedure

    Most clients in Sydney approach us for their sandblasting needs. The reason is that they know that we will deliver a durable and superior quality product. We have various blasting rooms of different sizes. Because of this, we can handle four types of media:

    Large grit: This media type is highly affordable, and we use it for general purposes. For instance, we use it to clean steel fabrication and railings. Additionally, we use it for heavily coated and rusty surfaces. Also, it is an ideal adhesion for various coatings.

    Fine grit: This media features a smaller size and is best for jobs that need a smoother surface. Additionally, we use it when we need to treat more delicate items.

    Alex:  This is Aluminum Oxide and presents a non-metallic media. Hence it differs from the above 2. It does not contaminate surfaces that need blasting. Additionally, its profile is refined. We use it in stainless steel like fabrications and domes.

    Comprehensive solutions

    The sandblasting contractor in Sydney offers the above brilliant sandblasting solutions in Sydney. Moreover, we provide different industrial protective coating finishes. Our team also uses airless-spray equipment. We use coatings like:

    • Chlorinated rubber
    • Epoxies
    • Micaceous iron oxide (MIO)
    • Zinc Rich (inorganic & epoxy)
    • Hi-Temp & Acrylic
    • Different  heat-resistant coatings

    The sandblasting technology

    At Australian Construction, we understand that delaying production can harm your business. For this reason, we run a service delivery system that reduces the interruption to your everyday operations. We offer a mobile abrasive blasting solution. In other words, we visit you and provide onsite, surface services.

    Our team helps a builder with concrete, brick or stone projects. We undertake remediation blasting services for project management teams as well. Additionally, we offer a paint removal solution for a council. Ultimately we ensure our clients are satisfied by providing quality.

    We use our high-tech Wet & Dry Sandblasting equipment. Furthermore, we have full insurance, and it is best for industrial and commercial projects in Sydney. In other words, we can restore your commercial property to its original state. As a result, we can help you in multiplying your returns. In Sydney, we are the sector’s top option for onsite sandblasting projects, due to this. We use various abrasive blasting technologies. It includes Vacuum Blasting and Wet & Dry Sandblasting. 

    Below are some benefits of our sandblasting techniques

    Dustless Sandblasting technique: This is an eco-friendly wet abrasive blasting method. It presents the ideal solution for whatever onsite blasting job you have. There is minimal interruption to the areas nearby. Because of this, you do not shut down the plant or implement containment measures.

    Adding water: When we add water to the sandblasting procedure, waste is reduced by 50%. So it attains a 95% dust reduction compared to traditional sandblasting methods. Therefore it offers the best alternative when blasting is necessary for sensitive areas.

    Traditional dry sandblasting: We use top quality machines to assist with various projects. Hence it offers a powerful solution that can handle highly touched paints and coatings. Additionally, it services the surface preparation as well as corrosion control sector.

    Vacuum blasting: Australian Construction uses negative pressure abrasive blasting technology to help different surfaces. Our system differs from conventional sandblasting because it works in an enclosed chamber. It also simultaneously recycles all abrasives and waste. For this reason, it is appropriate for internal projects.

    Concrete sandblasting

    Apart from removing undercoats and surface paint, our clients approach us for a textured and exposed aggregate look produced by sandblasted concrete. Our experience spans many years. So we help project managers and architects to attain a sandblasted finish and coarsened profile on different projects.

    We apply our skills and technology to:

    • Office blocks, schools, shopping centres and parks
    • Pavers
    • Concrete stairs
    • Remove sealer or paint
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Concrete areas
    • Pathways, drives, footpaths, driveways


    The team at Australian Construction visits your site in Sydney and provides mobile sandblasting services. These services involve removing corrosion, paint and industrial coatings from various surfaces. We use different Abrasive Blasting equipment. Because of this, our mobile sandblasting is ideal for surface restoration. Also, it is great for preparing solutions for our commercial and industrial clients.

    We look forward to providing you with our high quality sandblasting services in Sydney!