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Adelaide Sandblasting Contractor

Adelaide Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction offers mobile dustless sandblasting throughout Adelaide. The machines we use are powerful but portable. Due to this, the sandblasting contractor in Adelaide can handle all kinds of abrasive blasting (wet) projects in any location. Furthermore, we use dustless blasting in various sectors and industries for different types of cleaning. For example, we use dustless blasting to remove surface contamination. In addition, we use this process to strip away old paints. We also use this procedure to prepare the surface before repainting or adding another protective coating.

    It means that most of the blasting projects we undertake are in:

    • The industrial infrastructure
    • Mining
    • Marine installations & vessels
    • Building & stone restoration works

    For all the above onsite sandblasting is essential. Australian Construction has unsurpassed in onsite blasting projects management. We also have various mobile dustless sandblasting projects (specialised). Due to this, we can work in all areas despite how demanding or remote. For example, our staff uses a Quill Falcon Cyclone 120 Trailer dustless blaster for most mobile abrasive blasting projects. The machine is self-contained and consists of a water tank of 115 litres.

    Additionally, it has a 177cm compressor. Hence it is best for operating in remote areas. It is hard to access water supplies. Because of this, our clients experience fewer onsite hitches. It decreases downtime and increases efficiency. More importantly, it enables you to save on costs.

    Mobile dusting blasting

    Industrial and urban environments

    Comparatively, our Quill Falcon Cyclone dustless blasting mechanism uses less water than the usual slurry blasting. In addition, it produces minimal dust. Hence it does not create any dust. For this reason, encapsulation is unnecessary. So dustless sandblasting is ideal for use in the Adelaide Central Business District. It is also suitable for suburban areas for:

    The reason is that we do not have to cordon off large areas for a lengthy period. Dustless blasting is friendly to the environment where air and water quality is concerned. The water quality is maintained, which is favourable for waste management. We can use it safely in all kinds of urban environments, and we have successfully worked on various wet blasting projects.

    In light of this, we have successfully delivered different wet blasting works. Our services are available to commercial and public buildings in Adelaide. For instance, we restore public artworks as well as sensitive heritage restorations. In addition, we remove line markings and graffiti from all kinds of surfaces.

    Capable of major and minor abrasive blasting works

    We are versatile and experienced. Due to this, we are capable of handling all sized sandblasting works. It includes significant marine and abrasive blasting works. Apart from major agricultural and mining projects, we undertake more minor works for business owners. We remove stains and rust from different surfaces like steel, wood and concrete. Our team also cleans oil-stained car parks and driveways. We also strip old coating and paint from swimming pools. Our team repairs fire or flood damage as well.

    Powder coating solutions

    Do you want top-quality powder coating solutions for protecting your products? In that case, Australian Construction is your best option! Our powder coating team is reliable, and we are specialists in aluminium powder coating. We use durable polyesters suitable for structural fittings like screens, doors, fences and windows. Our range of coating is vast, and we have different colours. Therefore you can pick what suits your preferences and lifestyle needs.

    Australian Construction offers powder coating services using the latest techniques. So we give you top quality and durable protection. We are proud to provide powder coating services to various businesses and firms in Adelaide. Our skilled team offers efficient and quick powder coating services for:

    • Security doors
    • Window extrusions
    • Security screens

    Different types of fencing and large or small components for electrical and mining sectors

    The sandblasting contractor in Adelaide undertakes blasting, priming and top coating. We work on materials like cast aluminium, cast iron, steel or aluminium. Our firm also offers various colour options that meet your preferences and needs. In other words, we are the top choice for powder coating services in this area. So please call us today for a quote!

    Quality powder coating solutions

    We aim to offer you the ideal powder coating solutions from Australian Construction. We implement Green Working Procedures that involve using solar power. It also consists in collecting rainwater which we use in our processing. Our company only uses superior coating powders. So our services are reliable and follow Australian Standards 3715:2002 & 1580:2004. We are happy to provide the ideal services in Adelaide.


    Australian Construction has vast experience in the sandblasting and powder coating sector. Because of this, we have worked consistently to enhance the quality and efficacy of our services. We have the backing of our superior, latest technologies and give our clients the best experience.

    We look forward to giving you the best sandblasting services!