Highly Recommended Sandblasting Contractor In Ballarat

Ballarat Sandblasting Contractor

Ballarat Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction is the best company to handle your exposed aggregate requirements! For years, the sandblasting contractor in Ballarat has worked with various major construction firms. Moreover, we have handled various projects. Our skilled team is experienced in working with concreters, architects and contractors. Because of this, we are knowledgeable in partnering with the project manager. Consequently, we attain the outcome you want.

    West blasting

    Enjoying a dust-free area

    At Australian Construction, we use a procedure called Wet Blasting. It reduces the amount of dust that the sandblasting procedure produces. As a result, we provide a fairly dustless surrounding for your sandblasting requirements.

    Test samples & ideal mixes

    The sandblasting contractor in Ballarat carries out exposed aggregate test samples for clients. Additionally, we offer advice on suitable concrete mixes. We work with the contractor from start to finish for the ideal result. For example, we get to the concrete at a suitable time after pouring, and setting has taken place. If left for an excessively long period, it becomes harder to remove. Because of this, less aggregate is exposed.

    Timing is important

    Australian Construction has handled various projects that need an exposed aggregate finish. For example, we have sandblasted driveways panels for walls and garden beds. In addition, our skilled team has sandblasted parks, footpaths, universities, memorials and schools. Great timing is essential when working with big areas like parking bays and footpaths.

    The reason is that the general look and outcome should be consistent. We are often requested to repair aggregate work on pathways, driveways and different surfaces. These are surfaces that other people have completed using various techniques to expose the aggregate, which has failed. In such circumstances, our abrasive blasting method effectively exposes aggregate.

    How does it work?

    We mix the concrete before pouring it with an added aggregate (stone mix) to get a specific look. It describes a huge variety of exposed aggregate mixes we have available. Because Australian Construction is an expert concrete firm, we offer different colours. We sandblast concrete (grit blast or abrasive blast) to remove the upper layer from the set concrete. Consequently, it exposes the stones we pour into the mix.

    We have various sandblasting levels for exposed aggregate. Do you want different looks? In that case, we can give you a brush or light blast to attain a slightly exposed look. It looks more like coarse sandpaper look. After this, you can proceed to a heavy or medium blast that exposes more stone. The sandblasting contractor in Ballarat sandblasts exposed aggregate driveways.

    Due to this, they have a fresh and smart look. In addition, they help in disguising stains and also makes them less slippery. It is especially important on steep driveways. We also sandblast concrete driveways and pathways. We mainly provide this service in office blocks, parks, schools or shopping centres. In other words, this service is ideal for all concrete areas.

    Sandblasted exposed aggregate is non-slip. This is an extremely popular option for high traffic or wet areas. Exposed aggregate provides a stylish expert finish for all concrete areas.

    The fastest paint and rust removal technique

    Abrasive blasting presents the fastest and most effective method of removing paint from:

    • Industrial equipment
    • Shipping containers
    • Machinery
    • Bricks
    • Metal stairways
    • Wooden or steel beams
    • Buildings

    Additionally, we use it for line removal from different painted asphalt areas. Do you require cleaning up and reverting to bare brickwork? Or do you want resurfacing preparation? If so, the sandblasting contractor in Ballarat gives you the appropriate suggestions and service you need.

    In this regard, we have handled different renovation and restoration works across Ballarat. During paint removal, different surfaces need different care. Australian Construction has vast experience and training. So we know the best steps to take for paint removal from all surfaces.

    Rust removal has a lot of similarities to paint removal. In other words, the type of surface determines the ideal method of cleaning it. We use abrasive blasting to clean up rust and scale off dozers, excavators, tippers and various machines. It is an ideal manner of cleaning exposed and structural beams as well.


    Australian Construction is happy to deliver expert services that make our clients satisfied. For example, we have served major multi-national building contractors and small business owners. We mainly aim to deliver superior industrial and commercial blasting services. More importantly, our services are worth the money you spend.

    The sandblasting contractor in Ballarat delivers on budget and safely each time. Due to this, we are well known. We have the skills to use our systems in areas and materials where generic abrasive blasting procedures are too messy or dusty. Also, our team expertly implements these processes in dangerous and hard to access areas.

    Please call us today for the best sandblasting services in Ballarat!