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Bendigo Sandblasting Contractor

Bendigo Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in sandblasting, coating and spray painting for industrial purposes. Therefore, the sandblasting contractor in Bendigo is your one-stop shop for various services. In other words, we offer all types of spray painting, coatings and sandblasting. We use top quality standards and have completed projects in the industry. In other words, we serve all kinds of clients.

    Our range of services includes:

    Industrial coatings

    We highly recommend industrial coatings for industries that use heavy machinery in harsh conditions. The condition of metals is affected by factors like:

    • Force
    • High pressures
    • Heat
    • Moisture
    • Rough use, etc

    As a result, the condition and strength of the metals are affected. Consequently, breakdown occurs, leading to loss of money and productivity. Please choose the Australian Construction industrial protective coating selections to prevent such mishaps. For example, we offer:

    • Stainless steel coatings
    • Anti-corrosion protection
    • Protective metal coating
    • Protective paint
    • Corrosion-resistant coating
    • Anti-corrosion coating

    Spray painting

    Many heavy industries prefer industrial spray painting. The objective is to protect their tools and machines. This coating option is versatile, and we use it on different surfaces and materials. For instance, we use spray painting on:

    • Machinery
    • Piping
    • Plastics
    • Fibreglass
    • Woods
    • Metals
    • Containers

    The industrial protective paint & coatings layer works as a barrier. Furthermore, it protects against exposure hence stopping corrosion and reactions. Comparatively, industrial paint coatings dry faster. Also, they are more durable than standard spray paint.

    Expert industrial sandblasting services

    Commercial machinery and buildings are prone to the accumulation of paint splashes, rust, concrete stains, metal chips, etc. It happens because of the work they perform. So it can damage the surface. In addition, it sometimes prevents them from working efficiently. Under these circumstances, the sandblasting contractor in Bendigo recommends mobile and industrial sandblasting. It helps in alleviating debris like these from surfaces. During this process, we run the abrasive surface using high pressure. It clears the residues, resulting in a smooth and clean surface.

    We aim to deliver international quality solutions to our clients in Bendigo. Because of this, we use technology and equipment that matches global standards. We handpick our team and ensure they have exceptional professionalism and expertise. So they give our clients seamless and satisfactory solutions. We understand our clients’ different needs and create customised packages for them. Moreover, we follow your budget and requirements. Apart from our solutions, our experts have the equipment to offer suggestions on:

    • Mobile sandblasting services
    • Spray painting
    • Industrial coatings

    In other words, we advise you about the best solution for you.

    What is sandblasting?

    The sandblasting procedure involves preparing or cleaning a surface. It is a kind of abrasive blasting which uses force to push the aggregate sand-sized material to the surface. Sandblasting has various uses, like preparing surfaces before rust removal or coating. It is part of the process we need to attain a top-quality product. The sandblasting contractor in Bendigo has significant knowledge and a verified track record in this solution.

    Advantages of applying protective metal coatings and spray painting

    Many metals react to moisture, heat and pressure. In addition, they respond to chemical exposure. Given this, they can affect the metals’ overall well-being negatively. Industrial machinery consists of several metals. These types of reactions can make the equipment’s structure weak. When the structure weakens, it causes corrosion and breakage, affecting optimum usage. For this reason, Australian Construction applies one layer of protective metal coating. It protects the metal from such exposures and reactions.

    Below are some advantages of protective coating:

    Weather protection: Where metal is concerned, the weather is important. Changing cold and heat levels and variations in pressure makes the metal weak. Additionally, it erodes the top layers. A stainless-steel coating acts as a protective metal coating. Moreover, it presents a defence against the forces. As a result, it safeguards the metal from corrosion and reactions.

    Fire resistance: At times, industries handle heating systems or even naked fires. Therefore, there is always the possibility of an accident. For this reason, it is essential to have a fireproof protective metal coating. If a fire breaks out, the metal machinery does not suffer damage and does not function as conductors. In addition, this is a great move that ensures your staff enjoys a safe working environment.

    Hygiene:  Mainly this element is overlooked. Bacteria and microbes can breed on bare metals. It can be a danger to safety and life in some situations. Given this, items used in surgical stations and hospitals need a protective metal coating. It prevents any organisms from breeding.


    Australian Construction has vast experience in handling sandblasting projects throughout Australia. Our team is highly skilled and provides a customised service for all our clients by giving expert advice. We offer essential sandblasting services. So we are proud to support our customers through the life of the buildings we are maintaining.

    Please talk to our experts today about your sandblasting needs!