The Expert Sandblasting Contractor In Canberra

Canberra Sandblasting Contractor

Canberra Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in mobile sandblasting. In addition, we are experts in protective coating applications. Our team is not only knowledgeable but also uses the latest equipment. In addition, our sandblasting contractor in Canberra endeavours to complete all projects to quality standards. For example, we provide painting and food-grade basting and steel shot blasting. Moreover, we remove lead paint from your building.

    Quality services

    The sandblasting contractor in Canberra offers two famous types of sandblasting. These are dry and wet sandblasting. It depends on the project, and we help you pick the most suitable sandblasting. Moreover, we determine the ideal blast media and protective coating systems. As a result, we deliver the best results for your project.

    We only use superior protective coatings and blast media on all our jobs. Because of this, we ensure the ideal outcomes. We provide food and water grade services for sandblasting inside your tanks. We also remove paint and recoat large scale freezer rooms. More importantly, we provide all the essential data sheets to give you peace of mind.

    Dustless blasting

    Our dustless blasting method is the latest innovative procedure. It is similar to the sandblasting process. However, it is much safer and less messy. We use dustless blasting to strip paint. This procedure presents a high-tech cleaning procedure.

    Hence it removes different types of coatings from steel and other surfaces. The best part is that we undertake this procedure without leaving a dusty mess! Our Dustless blasting process suits different external cleaning projects for commercial exterior surfaces.

    Dry grit blasting

    We provide dry grit blasting for steel surfaces that require painting afterwards. It prevents flash rusting, which may happen during wet blasting. In light of this, we blast machinery, structural steel and tanks.

    Dry blasting eliminates paint, rust and surface contaminants. As a result, we produce a clean and smooth finish. We also use it on surfaces like concrete as a decorative finish. Also, it is eco-friendly compared to other techniques of paint removal where strong chemicals are used.

    We use the following dry sandblasting methods:

    • Glass blasting
    • Grit blasting
    • Bead blasting
    • Shot blasting
    • Garnet sandblasting

    Abrasive blasting or dry sandblasting

    Our dry sandblasting technique presents the ideal abrasive cleaning method. Hence it suits surfaces that need painting or coating. For this reason, we use it in preparing substrates that require:

    • Rubber lining
    • Electroplating
    • Waterproofing
    • Powder coating
    • Painting
    • Adhesion for concrete surfaces tiling

    It is necessary to carry out a simple blow-down before applying protective coatings. Due to this, we stop the likelihood of flash rusting. However, we use it when working on other works apart from steel. For example, we apply it to render, bricks, timber, pools and concrete. In other words, we use it anywhere we can apply the wet blasting process.

    The sandblasting contractor in Canberra mainly uses this process to blast words or graphics into your concrete surfaces. We use aqua or laser cut stencils. Hence we produce lovely architectural outcomes. Comparatively, it is better than wet sandblasting since it does not form any runoff that needs cleaning.

    Concrete sandblasting

    We are Canberra’s leading concrete blasting specialists. In light of this, our team is experienced in:

    • Kerbs
    • Pavement
    • Buildings
    • Walls
    • Driveways
    • Buildings
    • Render
    • Powder coating

    Powder coating presents unique benefits. Standard liquid paint consists of colour particles floating in liquid. However, powder coating works in an entirely dry surrounding. Hence it is a vital element in finishing custom coatings and fabrication using powder coating.

    During this process, we apply a positive electrical charge to dry powder. Then we spray the unfinished metal product using pressure (grounded with a negative charge). Consequently, it forms an electrochemical change, enabling powder molecules to connect to the metal.

    Australian Construction uses different powder bases. For example, we use polyurethane, epoxy, polyester and acrylic.

    The process naturally uses electric polarisation, facilitating a level coating that does not have sags or runs. When the fabricated metal sections acquire an even powder coating, we place them in a high-temperature surrounding. The length of time depends on the powder materials. We cure the powder-coated items completely after removing them from the oven. You can then use them immediately.

    Advantages of powder coating

    Comparatively, powder coating finishes have more advantages than other finishing options. When an expert like Australian Construction delivers powder coating services, the finished surfaces become resistant to harmful elements. For instance, powder-coated surfaces resist fading, chipping, wearing and scratching.

    Moreover, powder-coated metal items do not rust or corrode. It maintains a new look throughout the life of the product. Powder coating offers maintenance to your products. Because of this, it is not necessary to repaint. We use less equipment for powder coating and less application time. In addition, we do not use a lot of raw materials. More importantly, this process is less costly than conventional painting.


    Australian Construction provides different sandblasting solutions for industrial applications to remove rust, dirt and other unnecessary materials from structures and surfaces. We are skilled and experienced. Hence we deliver quality solutions.

    Please call us now for the best sandblasting solutions in Canberra!