Leading Sandblasting Contractor On The Central Coast

Central Coast Sandblasting Contractor

Central Coast Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction is number one in concrete blasting services. Our sandblasting contractor on the Central Coast has wide experience in:

    • Render
    • Brick
    • Toilet blocks
    • Kerbs
    • Pavement
    • Buildings
    • Walls
    • Wet areas
    • Driveways

    Concrete sandblasting or concrete shot blasting describes abrasive blasting methods. Our team uses this technique to expose the aggregate on your concrete surfaces. Hence it makes the surface non-slip. In addition, we sandblast concrete to remove:

    • Graffiti
    • Grime
    • Dirt
    • Coatings

    Mostly we place coloured rocks into the concrete mix. Then after we sandblast, these lovely colours are highlighted.

    Powder Coating

    Our powder coating service describes a high-tech dry coating technique. We use this method for industrial and commercial products. For this process, we use finely ground particles of resin and pigment. The resin and pigment are charged electrostatically. We then spray on the products you want. After this, we ground the sections that require coating electrically. As a result, the charged particles adhere to them. Finally, we melt and fuse them into a firm film inside a curing oven.

    Powder coating involves applying a protective and decorative finish to products like:

    • Lighting fixtures
    • Farm implements

    Apart from different textures and colours, we can build various properties into the finish. For example, we enhance the durability and improve corrosion resistance with this method. Additionally, powder coating improves ultra-violet rays’ resistance.

    Australian Construction has different varieties of Interpon, Oxytech and Dulux stock colours. These colours are appropriate for coating zinc, steel, aluminium and various metals. On average, the average transfer of powder coating is 70%. Hence this product does not produce any waste.

    The sandblasting contractor on the Central Coast applies powder coating efficiently and correctly. Due to this, it produces a more powerful coat than the standard painting techniques. Powder coating is solid and durable. Because of this, it is essential for the maintenance of steel or aluminium products.

    These are items that have exposure to conditions like corrosion, dirt and rust. In addition, powder coating protects your steel or aluminium items from ageing with time. The sandblasting contractor on the Central Coast is dedicated to undertaking the whole process.

    In other words, we handle the preparation to curing stages. More importantly, our team implements maximum precision and care. Therefore please call us today for more information or a free quote!


    Do you require repair or touch up? In that case, we offer quick, reliable and straightforward fixes using our highly advanced abrasive blasting equipment. Usually, our blasting process is necessary before the powder coating procedure. We use high pressure during the blasting process to move a stream of sand at a specific surface. We undertake this procedure to make a surface smooth.

    Additionally, our team carries out this process to eliminate all contaminants and residuals. For example, our sandblasting removes dirt, oils, paint and rust. Hence sandblasting presents a helpful tool for protecting and restoring:

    • Aluminium
    • Steel
    • Different metal materials

    Australian Construction has vast experience. Hence we are famous for our quick outcomes. More importantly, we do not compromise on our artistry or service quality. Therefore you do not have to use metal brush with strong and dangerous chemicals for hours. So please bring your item to our warehouse. We will restore it to its previous state regardless of the damage extent.

    Our team uses top-notch technology. Due to this, we give you the ideal outcomes. Comparatively, sandblasting gives you a better finish than chemical strippers used during manual sanding methods.

    Moreover, it is the safest and fastest way of removing debris from metal materials. Also, it is an efficient and affordable service. Do you want to save time and money? Then please hire us for your future project. We will efficiently meet all your powder coating or sandblasting needs.

    Metal restoration

    At Australian Construction, we specialise in restoring all your metal materials to their original form. We use the term restoration to specify our services, such as powder coating and sandblasting. Our expert team uses the newest technology. In addition, they use superior equipment. Because of this, we can sandblast any dirt, rust and different debris from your solid surfaces. Blasted surfaces facilitate improved powder coating adhesions.

    Powder coating protects against corrosion. Hence it provides a stable and durable option compared to standard paint finishes. We do not use volatile organic compounds or solvents. Due to this, the process is environmentally friendly. In other words, our powder coating solutions offer a clean, smooth finish to all metal products.


    The Australian Construction team comprises highly qualified craftsmen. Therefore they surpass any restoration standard. We also ensure your product looks new once more! Do you wish to restore and maintain your metal object or product today?

    Kindly talk to us for the best suggestions and quality sandblasting services!