Unique Sandblasting Contractor In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Sandblasting Contractor

Coffs Harbour Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we specialize in corrosion control. In addition, our sandblasting contractor in Coffs Harbour is experienced in abrasive sandblasting and metal protection. We provide services to prolong the life of your structure or metal product. As a result, it looks new once more! Our competent team treats your metal efficiently and offers outstanding maintenance services. Consequently, you reduce costs and experience fewer problems. In the end, your product gives you more benefits.

    What does sandblasting involve?

    Sandblasting describes a surface finishing process. It entails spraying abrasive particles using high pressure. The objective is to clean, roughen or clean the surface. Australian Construction sandblasts the following materials:

    • Silver
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Steel
    • Plastics
    • Wood
    • Metals
    • Stone
    • Glass

    Quality services

    We use professional methods and the latest equipment. Additionally, our staff is skilled and knowledgeable. Therefore we provide top quality services that surpass your expectations. Despite how big or small the project is, we can deliver.

    Abrasive Sandblasting

    We forcibly remove rust, paint, and grime from steel during the abrasive sandblasting procedure. We undertake this procedure to ensure the structure remains safe and clean. Moreover, we paint it for aesthetic and protective purposes. Protective coatings and paint do not adhere to steel if sandblasting is not applied. Even if the steel is band new, the manufacturing process leaves it with residue. For this reason, the sandblasting contractor in Coffs Harbour has to paint it.

    Is your structure corroded or rough? Regardless, our methods and equipment will shape and smoothen the surface. We also eliminate the contaminants and use various blasting agents. For example, our team uses garnet, steel grit, glass beads and grit. Furthermore, we tailor our procedures and agents to match your structure and desired outcome. Sandblasting promotes durability and restores your structure’s look. Mainly we sandblast big industrial facilities.

    Mobile or on-site services

    Australian Construction has a big, purpose-built speciality sandblasting area. Here, we undertake our abrasive sandblasting work. Additionally, we have a couple of fully-enclosed spray rooms. It ensures the mess is retained at our premises for portable items, not yours. Because of this, we operate in controlled surroundings. Hence we can reduce external contaminants and provide a superior finish.

    Do you have a fixed or enormous structure that cannot be transported to the Australian Construction on-site workrooms? Under such circumstances, we provide an efficient mobile service. In other words, we transport whatever we require to you. It is best for huge structures, warehouses, bridges and buildings. Our sandblasting contractor in Coffs Harbour liaises with site managers when necessary. More importantly, the Australian Construction mobile team has all the essential certificates and liabilities.

    Corrosion removal

    The corrosion process is natural and describes the slow disintegration of metal. Corrosion results from an environmental chemical reaction. This corrosion can damage a product or structure. Worse still, it can be hazardous at times. At Australian Construction, we have suitable methods and equipment.

    Because of this, we can even remove deep corrosion. Our team specializes in removing corrosion. Moreover, we also remove dangerous coatings on commercial and industrial steel structures. For example, we handle factory equipment and machinery, silos and weirs. Our methods eliminate the corrosion and apply protective coatings and finishes. Because of this, the corrosion does not recur.

    Metal protection

    Usually, metals need protective coatings to protect them from weather and rust. These coatings also protect metals from overall wear and tear. Suitable protection also optimizes mental resilience. It makes the product and structure durable also. Metals vary, and due to this, they need different protective coatings. The coatings should also be suitable for the surrounding where the item is situated. We offer and apply various protective coatings. The coatings suit marine, industrial and mining applications. Our coatings protect your metal for years in different conditions.

    Powder coating solutions

    Australian Construction has a Finishing Division that offers industrial powder coating solutions. In light of this, we meet even the strictest customer specifications. Usually, we use a 3-stage pretreatment procedure that consists of:

    • Iron phosphate detergent
    • Coldwater rinse
    • Non-chrome seal rinse

    Our iron phosphate detergent consists of extra fluoride ions. Therefore it enhances the etching impacts on stainless steel and aluminium surfaces. We also provide mechanical blasting before coating (pretreatment option). Australian Construction’s in-house DataPaq ensures maximum cure cycles to test complex geometries. Hence it eliminates the powder’s discolouring and over-baking. Powder-coating involves the application of dry paint (powder form) to metal surfaces. We then apply high heat to it to form a solid and intricate finish.


    Australian Construction provides sandblasting services in commercial applications. We use different blasting media depending on your needs. Our sandblasting services are affordable, and we highly recommend them to professionals.

    Please talk to our experts today for the best sandblasting services in Coffs Harbour!