Proficient And Fast Sandblasting Contractor In Darwin

Darwin Sandblasting Contractor

Darwin Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer abrasive blasting and prepare surfaces. The sandblasting contractor in Darwin provides low-impact sandblasting services.  Our services are friendly to the environment. Because of this, we have an excellent reputation in Darwin.

    In addition, we provide surface preparation services for commercial properties. Our team uses the latest abrasive soda blasting. We use water blasting (high-pressure) and concrete sandblasting techniques as well. Our team offers glass bead blasting, conventional grit and dustless blasting methods.

    Australian Construction also specialises in industrial and commercial sandblasting. Our abrasive blasting is available for the following sectors:

    • Agricultural
    • Marine
    • Trucking
    • Automotive
    • Road and rail
    • Heavy industries
    • Mining

    The sandblasting contractor in Darwin has worked together with commercial builders. More importantly, we follow strict guidelines and safety protocols. Our skilled team completes industrial blasting projects quickly, efficiently and safely.

    Expert sandblasting services

    The sandblasting contractor in Darwin has all the essential permits, skills and licenses. Because of this, we are skilled in undertaking all industrial and commercial works. Our team also specialises in using various blasting methods, equipment and material. Heavy industry and mining equipment need regular maintenance. It keeps them working efficiently. This includes the multiple moving sections and external finishes subjected to corrosive surroundings. We blast the following to eliminate corrosion and external damage for repair preparation:

    • Heavy machinery parts
    • Regular site vehicles
    • Tippers
    • Dozers
    • Loaders

    Australian Construction works with your industrial and commercial team. Additionally, we ensure we follow all OH& S standards onsite. We also apply these standards when we remove the equipment from the site. Our company offers environmental impact statements if you want. Because of this, we surpass our industrial sandblasting eco-standards.

    Concrete sandblasting

    Providing the best concrete finishes

    Sandblasting concrete presents an abrasive blasting method. We use it to blast away concrete. Consequently, it exposes the aggregate under it. It results in a coarse surface finish. Additionally, we use this procedure to quickly remove paint, grime, or dirt. We also use it to remove graffiti.

    The blasting degree is different. It depends on the concrete’s condition and the preferred result. In this regard, the sandblasting contractor in Darwin is a specialist in assessing textured surfaces carefully. Apart from this, we formulate an action plan. We ensure it is highly effective and efficient. We also guarantee this plan is appropriate for optimum conditioning.

    Sandblasting concrete

    As time passes, wear and tear leads to an inconsistent proportion between concrete’s cement and stone ratio. It mainly results in the aggregate becoming under-exposed. We need heavy blast cement removal in the built-up section. It helps to restore the concrete to its original condition. In addition, we require a whip blast. It gives you an exposed aggregate concrete finish. Sandblasting is effective in restoring your concrete. In other words, it results in a coating-free and non-slip solution.

    Mostly sandblasting concrete is necessary when there are stones under the cement. So the restored finish exposes these stones. Consequently, you attain a coarse texture and balance the stone and cement ratio. Because of this, Australian Construction’s abrasive blasting media is ideal for refurbishing your concrete surfaces. We give you the concrete surface finishes you want.

    During our sandblasting process, the abrasive material moves at high velocity. For this reason, it produces friction on the concrete surface we are preparing. But when we restore the concrete surface to its original condition, it needs specific processes. Special industrial sandblasting equipment is also essential. The reason is that the blasting rate depends on your concrete’s present condition.

    Some parts of your concrete surface might need a light cleaning. However, other sections may require heavy cleaning. Meanwhile, other areas need deep cutting. As a result, you get the textured concrete finishes you want.

    We can use any blasting tool for light blasting. However, at times the sandblasting contractor in Darwin intends to control the pressure and equipment media. Therefore, it is necessary to use our top performance sandblasting equipment. It produces different cut depths to the specific concrete. Our team uses stencils hence providing unique decorative patterns for more sandblasting requirements.

    Methods of sandblasting

    There are different sandblasting methods where concrete is concerned. For example, we use the following ways:

    • Non-slip applications
    • Patterns
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Removing undesirable coatings like oil, dirt or paint. It also removes unwanted chemicals.

    Advantages of sandblasting concrete

    • Comparatively, sandblasting concrete has more benefits than conventional surface restoration processes.
    • It ensures the concrete finishes are even, regarding stone and cement ratio compared to using traditional techniques.
    • Sandblasting is cheaper and more time-efficient than ripping the concrete up, disposing of the debris, and including another concrete layer.
    • For this technology, we use compressed air. It makes the concrete produce abrasive material for an exposed aggregate. Due to this, the surface does not experience irreparable damage.


    Australian Construction economically and effectively restores concrete. Hence the concrete goes back to the original surface condition. We do this using minimal effort for preparing for more treatment.

    Please call us today for the best sandblasting services in Darwin!